Monday, April 11, 2011

my brothers!!

Today is filled with doctors apt. I am lactose intolerant (who knew). Fyi I can workout tomorrow!!! I don't know what's going on with school. I shall call them tomorrow. I saw insidious tonight. Great movie!! Recommended to all who love scary movies.
Let me tell about both my brothers. Mostly my big brother because I have been talking up my little brother way to much. But I am proud of him so why not. My big brother I am equally proud of just for different reasons and today he turns twenty four! My big brother has been the secret parent since birth. When I got my license he was the one who pushed me to drive on the freeway when I was afraid so he is the reason why y'all are scared of driving on the freeway. Danny is a money makig family man who is just like his grandfather. Seriously it is scary how much like him he is. Anyways I need to wish him a happy birthday for the world to see because he is that great! Happy birthday big brother!
Till Next Time!

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  1. Thank you Nicole! We are all proud of you as well for being such a strong person no matter what is going on in your life. Keep up all the good work and I know you will do great things.

    Love your older brother