Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Today was awesomely just terrible. I was fine while doing some intervals. They were light and short I promise. However while at real life during their breakfast hour I started getting chest pains and couldn't breath. I know I should have gone to urgent care right then but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. Instead I went home showered, and went to school to let my teacher know I was heading to urgent care. Heres the knee slap of the day; there was a sub for the class. As I was writing a note for the teach cause I got there early the sub walks in and after asking if I were here for kinisiology she told me I looked terrible and let me sign in and leave. How awesome is that! I went to urgent care after that with steff who is amazing by the way. After being x-rayed and getting an ekg done they sent me to a real hospital cause of my low heartrate. It got into the thirties at a point which apparently is to low. At this point the pain wasn't terrible but it was there. I peed in a funny little cup got blood drawn and did another ekg and xray. After all that I watched some tv with steff till I passed out. Did I mention how awesome steff is. She was there with me the entire time. After a short nap I woke up with epic chest pain. I totally thought I was having a heart attack but apparently not. After a ct scan and a near hilarious rookie of the year incident with the doctor they still don't know what's wrong with me. So they sent me home with pain med prescription. I went to dinner at marie calendars. With steff cause I was starving! I didn't even get hospital food. Except for apple juice and crackers cause of a low glucose level. So I was in need of food. At marie calendars Jessi and trish came by with gabe. They are also awesome. It was a great conversation and a good laugh. After dinner I got some pain meds andnow I am home about to pass out. Good night
Till next time
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