Sunday, April 17, 2011

a great day with the little bro!

Alright cut out gum outta my life officially and um I feel amazingly better. which may be an issue because I really need some form of addiction that keeps my mind off of food. hmm....?
on a good note, today was awesome. I spent it with my Star little brother! We went to the farmers market in Hillcrest which was actually really fun to go to. next time we go I am totally bringing cash with me. We had a delicious lunch there and then instead of going straight home decided that an impromptu trip to the zoo would be an excellent idea. No joke we were seconds away from getting on to the 163 to go home and instead of staying in the left lane we got into the right lane and turned right to head to the famous San Diego Zoo. The semi-annoying thing about it was the traffic there and the attempt to find parking. apparently everyone had the same idea we did. It was a busy day at the zoo today. it was probably the perfect weather today. The zoo was so much fun. Honestly you see one zoo you see them all but I haven't been to the SD zoo in years and to top it off I spent my time there with Adam so it was near perfection. We saw the pandas, elephants, monkeys, and all the other animals in that giant zoo. I forgot what it was like to be in a giant zoo. I was getting used to the little tiny zoo that I have been to in Utah. We actually spent a few hours at the zoo which I wasn't expecting and it was awesome up until I got home and realized that I got epically sunburned. no joke I was wearing a tank top so a good amount of me is burnt. I am not used to getting burnt on my shoulders it's a weird and painful feeling. I will admit that everything we did today was so worth the burn. I just hope it goes down for tomorrow night.
FYI tomorrow is passover which means no bread. ya after cutting out lactose, gum and artificial sweetners out of my diet I have to spend a week with out bread and still stay healthy with matzah in the mix which for those of you who are unfamiliar with the disgustingness none as matzah it doesn't taste good at all and it isn't even near healthy for you.
The countdown by the way is three days! three days till I am back in Utah and I already plan on getting back to my fitness routine I know and love and back to work.
Till Next Time

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