Monday, April 4, 2011

First day on campus

Ok so other than being in the bathroom every time a teacher calls a break (which is every hour) today was a decent day. I had a painful workout in TRX which I am totally doing every Monday now! it was great aside from the stomach pains but what can I say I am a glutton for punishment.
My classes for the first day on campus were MS Office Application and Introduction to Business. Summary of them both is this... I have a great teacher for both classes considering that both are taught by the same teacher who believe it or not is actually awesome. He doesn't shut up and in business class he talks to fast but he is interesting which is good for a class that ends at 10:00pm.
I have learned a lot today and the one thing that I have been taking is that business is just downright evil and corrupt it's just a matter of doing things legally. for example people who own businesses really don't pay taxes if they know how to work the system. really not a shocker but that is just one example. now we are getting into corruption and I am still waiting for Bernie Madoff to be mentioned but hasn't happened. We are talking about E commerce and identity theft. Ya by the way still in class learning a lot but I am trying to stay awake and this blog is helping out a whole lot.
I hope I do well in this class I just hope I actually get the book to it since the bookstore sent me the wrong books.
Now to get to probably what most of you want to hear.... did I go to the doctor today? No, No I didn't but I do have an appointment on Wednesday I will end up going. This is one thing I can't promise but I will try... I will try to take it easy. I will still workout I will still go to work and I will still go to classes. I will however try to add little naps when I can and I won't go as hard as I can in workouts which believe me is already breaking my heart. but tomorrow I will wake up and be at treehouse and get some sort of workout in. I don't know if that is what you all really want to hear but here is something you should hear... Thank you all for being such amazing friends. I honestly have been feeling like someone who is just sucking in energy from all of you this week cause I haven't been myself and for some reason you all still show my lovin so thank you all!!!
Till Next Time

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