Friday, March 4, 2011

Triathlon, a bucket of ice and my phone, and Lil singing

Today was fabulous!! I got to join real lifers in a mini triathlon. It was fabulous!!! I ran a 5k in 30 which I don't think I have ever really done. I did spin for 6 miles and then swam 13 laps which was painfully amazing I never thought in a million years I would be able to do that. After the fact we planned on tossing a bucket of water on Adam, Dustin, and Jesse but Jesse didn't show up and I hesitated while getting Adam so I got hit in the crossfire. needless to say my phone was not grateful. It still can call and do all the important things but it can't lock and the camera is messed up. For the next twenty four hours it will be in a bowl of rice to hopefully get better. If that doesn't work well then it would be the first time I broke my phone since I had the chocolate phone.
The rest of the day I spent getting a membership at treehouse and doing homework until dinner time. I was stuck around real life for dinner so that I could hear one of the most amazing singers out there. LILI!!! She is leaving real life this week which is just a shame. the second time around the voice is just as amazing as the first time. When she is famous I get to say I know her. Before that time I hope to go to canada to visit because Lili is not a friend I plan on losing just cause she lives to far. Nick is also leaving this week which is just sad sauce. Speaking of which if you are reading this Nick a sent giant bottle of Valentina would be highly appreciated. For some reason Utah doesn't have any and I have been craving some :P. Tomororow will be a sad day.
The worst thing about moving back to Utah and being this active with the program while living life outside of real life is still saying good bye to the people that have truly touched me. A lot of people are leaving this week and it's just a shame. The fact though is that it is so worth it. meeting those people getting to know them and letting them affect you in a way that know one else can. But it still sucks when they leave.

Till Next Time

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