Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thoughts from Nick and from a homework assignment.

Today I am starting my blog early because there are two epic thoughts in my head right now. let me tell you about my day so far. I went to the gym did Trish's spin class which was no joke! did some homework, went to Bobbi's new definition. which in itself is ridiculously hard. to make it more difficult we were using weights which did not help my hand. FYI having a painful burn on your hand affects your bicep curls. just saying I could feel every nerve in my hand trying to bring up that weight. anyways I am continuing homework as we speak and it is why I was inclined to start my blog.
First there is something that nick talked about today I have to repeat. Some people don't think like he does and for 90% of what is in his brain I really hope no one really does think like he does. Sorry Nick but your an interesting character. Amazingly big hearted but the rest of you is well a little perverted at times. You do have more positive thoughts than you lead on though because today what you said was great. To repeat for everyone Nick said that it is mind over matter, if you tell yourself you can do it than you will push yourself harder and you will be able to do it. I recommend anyone who believes otherwise to shove every negative thought in your mind and repeat that. Or repeat Shanna's favorite quote "what the mind expects tends to be realized" (I think I got that quote right). It's amazing what you will be able to accomplish.
Now onto school. in Interpersonal Relations we are learning about Committed Romantic Relations. I get to be a discussion leader!! I am asking the class if they believe in love at first sight. So first I want to ask you all the same exact thing. Do you believe in love at first sight? Honestly plan on waiting to give you my answer! I have one and that is because I have great examples in my life.
I know there is a lot left in the day but honestly the only time I am leaving my apt. is when I go to zumba tonight. I might need some caffeine before hand but I got to go. what's a day without Zumba? If anything interesting happens I will let you know.

Till Next Time

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