Monday, March 21, 2011

this past week was filled with awesomeness mixed with terrible thoughts!

Alrighty So as I said before I have been wanting to do a blog for a few days now and just haven't had the energy to do so. Let me tell you about my week which was fantastic and annoying all at the same time. I have been stressing over school a little to excited that I have a job which is awesome by the way and been overworking my body so much that I now can't run because I screwed up my knee. That is the summary of my life probably since friday.
I have had no time for rest but a whole lot of time for thinking and what has been on my mind has been rather ridiculous. First I have been thinking about priorities lately. now a days it is hard to pick and choose what I have time for especially since I don't really have the time for half the things I do. for instance tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping, go to verizon because my phone won't turn on (fyi for those of you trying to get a holed of me you can do it through facebook for the next day or two), I have to clean my apt., I have to take two finals, and I somehow have to find the time to drive down o the JCC at some point in time. anyone wanna take my place I will be glad to give it to you. what sucks about it all is I really want to do all of this I just don't know which one to pick so my head is spinning trying to figure it out. to many things in my life that I enjjoy but that drive me crazy.
luckily I have a week with no school so that will help immensely. oh ya I have a week off FYI!!! I am hoping that week I can get the hang of things cause I start school on campus. I am soooo excited I finally get human interaction with other students wich will be amazing. I do have one online class, kinesiology but I think I can handle that at least I hope I do. one things for sure is that online is so hard. I hope I can last this week.
another thing on my mind is this ridiculous weather. I actually really want it to snow. the snow makes this amazingly strong wind so worth it so please snow or stop the wind one or the other or both. every time I step outside I literally get blown away for a quick moment. it's kind of cool but I am startingg to get sick of it. I almost miss my weight because if I were 100 lbs heavier this wind might not be such a problem. I did say almost there. You don't have to worry I still love my new found skinnyness so no I don't actually wish to go back to being that way. I do however wish I could go back to not caring about people all that much. If I were that old me I wouldn't let people call themselves my friends that much. It is amazing how easily people come into our lives and assume they are close to ou. they are not at all, what truly sucks is that the people that you do care about and consider your friends just leave. I know depressing right.
Like I said earlier way to much time for thinking and not enough time for sleep so please ignore everything that was just said. my mind has been going everywhere it shouldn't be going when so many great things are occurring in my life so I am happy as can be can't wait for next week and I am ready to strt this crazy thing called life.
Till Next time

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