Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parents last day in Utah!

Today was a pretty AWESOME DAY!!! it started off with a great breakfast made by yours truly. I made it for my parents as well! FYI add a little almond milk to eggs instead of regular milk and it actually taste a little better. Just sayin! After we went to BOOTCAMP!! I got to be one of the lucky ones who was able to show my parents the pain of real life. They only got a small glimpse of it but they felt the pain. What was awesome is that they actually made me proud! They fought through each and every workout that was thrown at them. We couldn't continue working out because there was still a lot to do here at the apt. FYI it looks amazing thanks to them. I love it! I have nearly everything I need and the stuff I don't have is just stuff I really don't think is that important at the moment.
Today my daddy put up the ridiculously awesome t.v. and got a coffee table! it was much needed the apartment wasn't quite complete without it. While he was doing that me and my mommy went to the JCC to visit Kiki who surprisingly not only remembered us but was shocked at the changes I have made. I rather enjoyed the conversation by the way! Of course after we had to stay on the path of Jewishness in Utah and we went to Temple Kol Ami. while there we checked out mezuzot but the shop wasn't opened so another time I guess. while there I went to the restroom to get a tissue cause of course I have a ridiculously runny nose and had to fix that. while in there for no more than five minutes, the obvious occurs. I find my mom talking to an Israeli. what would a trip with my mother be like if we didn't meet a new Israeli? If I remember correctly her name was Orit, but I might be completely wrong.
I absolutely have to talk about lunch. We went to Tsunami with Kimber!! My daddy couldn't come which bummed me out but it was a really awesome lunch. It consisted of lettuce, T.N.T and awesome conversations about just about everything.
Pretty much after lunch my parents had to drive off. Not gonna lie after a not so bad couple days with them and a perfect bootcamp with them I am really really happy they left. As many of you are going WTF how can you get to that from the awesomeness that you are reading in the blog let me just explain... I loved having my parents here it was great but now I can get to homework which I am working on currently and most importantly I can sleep in my COMFY BED!!! I haven't slept in a real bed in weeks so it is about time.
There is one last thing I did today. After my parents left which was amazingly painfully wonderful! I ran outside. It wasn't much but it was a run outside! It was such a beautiful day I couldn't help myself. I have two things to tell you about it. 1st is that I need to do that more often running outside is so much better than running on a treadmill. 2nd is that running outside is so much worse than running on a treadmill. Seriously I loved it! there was so much going on and I couldn't really stop, but I couldn't really breathe either so I had to stop. I probably went a good mile when I realized it was time to turn back and do homework. Now I am here doing homework and writing this blog and soon going to get ready for my first night in a real bed in my perfectly set apartment.
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