Sunday, March 27, 2011

ended my first quarter with a bike ride.

today was oh so simplistic. I woke up finished up the rest of the quarter of school prepared food for some of the week then decided to go on a bike ride. It epically failed fyi. I loved it but I learned a few things today on that bike ride. first off I really need some biking gear. nothing fancy just some shoes, a water bottle that isn't to small for the little case (preferably a camelback), a backpack that won't kill me (eventually I do plan on going to school and other places on that thing) and I think that is really it at the moment. The other thing I learned is that every time I wake up I always need to buy something and not in that I am addicted to shopping way but in the literal I really need to buy clothes, food, and so forth. WTF!! the third thing I learned when I couldn't kick start myself on the bike at a stop light making a left is that I really need to learn how to ride a bike properly. luckily the light was just the small turn into my apartment complex so it wasn't to bad but still that could have been a whole lot worse. but still it's a little ridiculous that I can't kick start my bike. It really is the hardest aspect of biking.
In the middle of all of this I was also texting friends in Sonoma. I was thinking that it be cool to drive up there but that won't occur :( I feel like every chance I have of going fails :(. ok the next weekend I am off there are no questions asked I am going up to Sonoma! at least I hope I will!
tomorrow is a new day and I am figuring out what to do for the week. if anyone is free in Utah let me know and I totally won't mind a hang out session at any time.

Till Next Time

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