Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9th and 9th

So today was supposed to be a chill day but it so wasn't!!!! I went to treehouse and it was only supposed to be for a couple hours but then it became a day thing due to work. 530-7 I worked out. 730-1015 I worked on errands naught books which one I already have to return and did some intervals! All at real life or treehouse. At 1130 I went to work till 115 then can home yo find a big box of goodies sent from the parentals who are awesome!!! I was only home for a little then back to work. Fyi for all the real lifers I have a message for you. Take it as you wish but I don't mean to be a b****... stop being so picky!!! The food is great and we work hard to make sure you lose weight. We don't care if there is not enough salt. Salt is probably one of the reasons why you are at Rlfh (just saying). Plus ethan and everyone really want you to be happy with healthy food that will help you succeed here.
After an interesting day of work I went out with steff to mazza. Its this amazing middle eastern restaurant in salt lake that has yummyness!!! We walked to this amazing coffee shop. I posted a pick of the sign at the cash register check it out. Had dark coffee with a shot of espresso and now I am wide awake. After we walked around this awesome little shop which made my day. It was a great night that needs to be done more often.
Now I am preparing food for tomorrow even though I really don't have to but I am too awake to go to bed so I shall finish than maybe sleep we shall see.

Till Next Time
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