Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9th and 9th

So today was supposed to be a chill day but it so wasn't!!!! I went to treehouse and it was only supposed to be for a couple hours but then it became a day thing due to work. 530-7 I worked out. 730-1015 I worked on errands naught books which one I already have to return and did some intervals! All at real life or treehouse. At 1130 I went to work till 115 then can home yo find a big box of goodies sent from the parentals who are awesome!!! I was only home for a little then back to work. Fyi for all the real lifers I have a message for you. Take it as you wish but I don't mean to be a b****... stop being so picky!!! The food is great and we work hard to make sure you lose weight. We don't care if there is not enough salt. Salt is probably one of the reasons why you are at Rlfh (just saying). Plus ethan and everyone really want you to be happy with healthy food that will help you succeed here.
After an interesting day of work I went out with steff to mazza. Its this amazing middle eastern restaurant in salt lake that has yummyness!!! We walked to this amazing coffee shop. I posted a pick of the sign at the cash register check it out. Had dark coffee with a shot of espresso and now I am wide awake. After we walked around this awesome little shop which made my day. It was a great night that needs to be done more often.
Now I am preparing food for tomorrow even though I really don't have to but I am too awake to go to bed so I shall finish than maybe sleep we shall see.

Till Next Time
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

ended my first quarter with a bike ride.

today was oh so simplistic. I woke up finished up the rest of the quarter of school prepared food for some of the week then decided to go on a bike ride. It epically failed fyi. I loved it but I learned a few things today on that bike ride. first off I really need some biking gear. nothing fancy just some shoes, a water bottle that isn't to small for the little case (preferably a camelback), a backpack that won't kill me (eventually I do plan on going to school and other places on that thing) and I think that is really it at the moment. The other thing I learned is that every time I wake up I always need to buy something and not in that I am addicted to shopping way but in the literal I really need to buy clothes, food, and so forth. WTF!! the third thing I learned when I couldn't kick start myself on the bike at a stop light making a left is that I really need to learn how to ride a bike properly. luckily the light was just the small turn into my apartment complex so it wasn't to bad but still that could have been a whole lot worse. but still it's a little ridiculous that I can't kick start my bike. It really is the hardest aspect of biking.
In the middle of all of this I was also texting friends in Sonoma. I was thinking that it be cool to drive up there but that won't occur :( I feel like every chance I have of going fails :(. ok the next weekend I am off there are no questions asked I am going up to Sonoma! at least I hope I will!
tomorrow is a new day and I am figuring out what to do for the week. if anyone is free in Utah let me know and I totally won't mind a hang out session at any time.

Till Next Time

Monday, March 21, 2011

this past week was filled with awesomeness mixed with terrible thoughts!

Alrighty So as I said before I have been wanting to do a blog for a few days now and just haven't had the energy to do so. Let me tell you about my week which was fantastic and annoying all at the same time. I have been stressing over school a little to excited that I have a job which is awesome by the way and been overworking my body so much that I now can't run because I screwed up my knee. That is the summary of my life probably since friday.
I have had no time for rest but a whole lot of time for thinking and what has been on my mind has been rather ridiculous. First I have been thinking about priorities lately. now a days it is hard to pick and choose what I have time for especially since I don't really have the time for half the things I do. for instance tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping, go to verizon because my phone won't turn on (fyi for those of you trying to get a holed of me you can do it through facebook for the next day or two), I have to clean my apt., I have to take two finals, and I somehow have to find the time to drive down o the JCC at some point in time. anyone wanna take my place I will be glad to give it to you. what sucks about it all is I really want to do all of this I just don't know which one to pick so my head is spinning trying to figure it out. to many things in my life that I enjjoy but that drive me crazy.
luckily I have a week with no school so that will help immensely. oh ya I have a week off FYI!!! I am hoping that week I can get the hang of things cause I start school on campus. I am soooo excited I finally get human interaction with other students wich will be amazing. I do have one online class, kinesiology but I think I can handle that at least I hope I do. one things for sure is that online is so hard. I hope I can last this week.
another thing on my mind is this ridiculous weather. I actually really want it to snow. the snow makes this amazingly strong wind so worth it so please snow or stop the wind one or the other or both. every time I step outside I literally get blown away for a quick moment. it's kind of cool but I am startingg to get sick of it. I almost miss my weight because if I were 100 lbs heavier this wind might not be such a problem. I did say almost there. You don't have to worry I still love my new found skinnyness so no I don't actually wish to go back to being that way. I do however wish I could go back to not caring about people all that much. If I were that old me I wouldn't let people call themselves my friends that much. It is amazing how easily people come into our lives and assume they are close to ou. they are not at all, what truly sucks is that the people that you do care about and consider your friends just leave. I know depressing right.
Like I said earlier way to much time for thinking and not enough time for sleep so please ignore everything that was just said. my mind has been going everywhere it shouldn't be going when so many great things are occurring in my life so I am happy as can be can't wait for next week and I am ready to strt this crazy thing called life.
Till Next time

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today was a busy grocery day. I think I have deemed Tuesday grocery day. The issue with today was my run this morning. I was doing my typical tread this morning when I got a little dizzy. I actually had to stop mid point cause I couldn't keep up with the tread I was so dizzy. WTF! I guess I just need some sleep or something like that but sleep just takes time.
After grocery shopping I decided to have a little fun and go to boondocks which was fantastic. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life by the way.
mid shopping I got a call from Kimber which was awesome!!! for some reason she has a fear of what I will put on this blog of mine. I wonder why? 0:)!
I am just putting random things up here but I Do really want to tell you something but I don't remember what it is. I have been forgetting a lot of things lately and it is worrying me a bit.
anywho I have been sleep deprived for way to long so
Till next time

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

thoughts from Nick and from a homework assignment.

Today I am starting my blog early because there are two epic thoughts in my head right now. let me tell you about my day so far. I went to the gym did Trish's spin class which was no joke! did some homework, went to Bobbi's new definition. which in itself is ridiculously hard. to make it more difficult we were using weights which did not help my hand. FYI having a painful burn on your hand affects your bicep curls. just saying I could feel every nerve in my hand trying to bring up that weight. anyways I am continuing homework as we speak and it is why I was inclined to start my blog.
First there is something that nick talked about today I have to repeat. Some people don't think like he does and for 90% of what is in his brain I really hope no one really does think like he does. Sorry Nick but your an interesting character. Amazingly big hearted but the rest of you is well a little perverted at times. You do have more positive thoughts than you lead on though because today what you said was great. To repeat for everyone Nick said that it is mind over matter, if you tell yourself you can do it than you will push yourself harder and you will be able to do it. I recommend anyone who believes otherwise to shove every negative thought in your mind and repeat that. Or repeat Shanna's favorite quote "what the mind expects tends to be realized" (I think I got that quote right). It's amazing what you will be able to accomplish.
Now onto school. in Interpersonal Relations we are learning about Committed Romantic Relations. I get to be a discussion leader!! I am asking the class if they believe in love at first sight. So first I want to ask you all the same exact thing. Do you believe in love at first sight? Honestly plan on waiting to give you my answer! I have one and that is because I have great examples in my life.
I know there is a lot left in the day but honestly the only time I am leaving my apt. is when I go to zumba tonight. I might need some caffeine before hand but I got to go. what's a day without Zumba? If anything interesting happens I will let you know.

Till Next Time

Friday, March 4, 2011

Triathlon, a bucket of ice and my phone, and Lil singing

Today was fabulous!! I got to join real lifers in a mini triathlon. It was fabulous!!! I ran a 5k in 30 which I don't think I have ever really done. I did spin for 6 miles and then swam 13 laps which was painfully amazing I never thought in a million years I would be able to do that. After the fact we planned on tossing a bucket of water on Adam, Dustin, and Jesse but Jesse didn't show up and I hesitated while getting Adam so I got hit in the crossfire. needless to say my phone was not grateful. It still can call and do all the important things but it can't lock and the camera is messed up. For the next twenty four hours it will be in a bowl of rice to hopefully get better. If that doesn't work well then it would be the first time I broke my phone since I had the chocolate phone.
The rest of the day I spent getting a membership at treehouse and doing homework until dinner time. I was stuck around real life for dinner so that I could hear one of the most amazing singers out there. LILI!!! She is leaving real life this week which is just a shame. the second time around the voice is just as amazing as the first time. When she is famous I get to say I know her. Before that time I hope to go to canada to visit because Lili is not a friend I plan on losing just cause she lives to far. Nick is also leaving this week which is just sad sauce. Speaking of which if you are reading this Nick a sent giant bottle of Valentina would be highly appreciated. For some reason Utah doesn't have any and I have been craving some :P. Tomororow will be a sad day.
The worst thing about moving back to Utah and being this active with the program while living life outside of real life is still saying good bye to the people that have truly touched me. A lot of people are leaving this week and it's just a shame. The fact though is that it is so worth it. meeting those people getting to know them and letting them affect you in a way that know one else can. But it still sucks when they leave.

Till Next Time

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Parents last day in Utah!

Today was a pretty AWESOME DAY!!! it started off with a great breakfast made by yours truly. I made it for my parents as well! FYI add a little almond milk to eggs instead of regular milk and it actually taste a little better. Just sayin! After we went to BOOTCAMP!! I got to be one of the lucky ones who was able to show my parents the pain of real life. They only got a small glimpse of it but they felt the pain. What was awesome is that they actually made me proud! They fought through each and every workout that was thrown at them. We couldn't continue working out because there was still a lot to do here at the apt. FYI it looks amazing thanks to them. I love it! I have nearly everything I need and the stuff I don't have is just stuff I really don't think is that important at the moment.
Today my daddy put up the ridiculously awesome t.v. and got a coffee table! it was much needed the apartment wasn't quite complete without it. While he was doing that me and my mommy went to the JCC to visit Kiki who surprisingly not only remembered us but was shocked at the changes I have made. I rather enjoyed the conversation by the way! Of course after we had to stay on the path of Jewishness in Utah and we went to Temple Kol Ami. while there we checked out mezuzot but the shop wasn't opened so another time I guess. while there I went to the restroom to get a tissue cause of course I have a ridiculously runny nose and had to fix that. while in there for no more than five minutes, the obvious occurs. I find my mom talking to an Israeli. what would a trip with my mother be like if we didn't meet a new Israeli? If I remember correctly her name was Orit, but I might be completely wrong.
I absolutely have to talk about lunch. We went to Tsunami with Kimber!! My daddy couldn't come which bummed me out but it was a really awesome lunch. It consisted of lettuce, T.N.T and awesome conversations about just about everything.
Pretty much after lunch my parents had to drive off. Not gonna lie after a not so bad couple days with them and a perfect bootcamp with them I am really really happy they left. As many of you are going WTF how can you get to that from the awesomeness that you are reading in the blog let me just explain... I loved having my parents here it was great but now I can get to homework which I am working on currently and most importantly I can sleep in my COMFY BED!!! I haven't slept in a real bed in weeks so it is about time.
There is one last thing I did today. After my parents left which was amazingly painfully wonderful! I ran outside. It wasn't much but it was a run outside! It was such a beautiful day I couldn't help myself. I have two things to tell you about it. 1st is that I need to do that more often running outside is so much better than running on a treadmill. 2nd is that running outside is so much worse than running on a treadmill. Seriously I loved it! there was so much going on and I couldn't really stop, but I couldn't really breathe either so I had to stop. I probably went a good mile when I realized it was time to turn back and do homework. Now I am here doing homework and writing this blog and soon going to get ready for my first night in a real bed in my perfectly set apartment.
Till Next Time