Monday, February 21, 2011

Starbucks and treehouse

So today I did homework went to walmart and snuck zumba for a couple dances. Fyi brenna, Love the new dance. Afrer I came home for some more homework and then back to treehouse to turn in an application. I know its odd I am already calling it home and I dont even have a mezuza up. I am gonna do that right so I have to wait a little amd it really does feel like home already. I got to hang out with shanna for five minutes which was so not enough time. Had to go vack home for dinner and more homework. I think I am going to just walk back and forth from treehouse to starbucks from now on. Which bringa me to the next story of the day.
Starbucks!! I started getting a single shot daily an doing homework there. I have been going to two different ones. I discovered today that I like tge one on 123rd better than the one on 106th. So I think I am just gonna do homework there from now on. Plus the people there already no me so why not.
Gotta go finish my day with a workout so...
Till next time
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