Saturday, February 19, 2011

Officially a UTAHN!!!!!!!!!

Finally have time and energy to write a blog!! Sorry for being to busy for a blog but now I have a whole bunch to write about.
I will start with the drive up!!! it was amazing! I started driving at 2 in the morning after no sleep. needless to say after about an hour and a half I had to have Bekka take over. FYI Bekka came with. I think you all know this but I thought I would remind you. She drove for about another hour and a half till we got a little passed vegas and then we switched again after refueling at a gas station. After that we drove off to St. George!!!! We got there at around 9:30 for a delicious breakfast with Jen and Chad. Well worth the wait FYI. we were there till about 11:30 and then drove off again non stop to the apartment (kind of) we had to stop at a starbucks first. then we got to the apt. which is amazing! I have a fire place! I don't know if I will use it considering every time I see a fire place I think of my grandfather in the backyard chopping up wood for the fire place but it's still awesome. I also have a terrace! it is over the park that is in the apartment complex and has a view of the mountains. What more can I ask for.
I could ask for a bed, dining table, couches, you know the things that I need to buy to make it official. I don't even have internet yet. which is why at this moment I am at starbucks doing homework and writing this blog. All that stuff though will come I just have to have the time to go shopping for it all and luckily I have the greatest daddy ever who is driving up here in his big white truck soon to bring some of the stuff I had when I was in Sonoma.
Anyways... after quickly checking out the apartment I had to take Bekka to real life to see everyone. I think some people scared her off because they already knew who she was, but can you blame them. I talk about Bekka way to much. Having her here was amazing! having her see why I love it here was even better and hopefully she will come and visit soon. I already miss her. After meeting everyone went to Sweet Tomatoes (the souplantation of Utah) with Steff and Thomas which was fun. I love spending time with them. After dinner I think it took me a matter of two minutes to get to the sleeping bag and just pass out. I woke up way to much but that's ok, I figured that was going to happen. Yesterday. was a pretty busy day of unpacking. I got mostly everything done there are just a few things I need before I am officially done. I took a break though. I went to dinner at real life then hung out with Lili and Sarah at their apt. It feels so good to be back.
Today was literally all about homework. all of this unpacking I needed a day break and plus I have a lot to do. I still have an essay to do but that will only take me a couple hours and then a few quizzes and those will be tough to do so I am just going to have to come back to starbucks tomorrow.
The only reason why I am not doing homework right at this second is because I figured you all needed a new blog from me and plus sometimes you just need to take a break from homework and a blog is the perfect break.
In a little bit I will be going to the movies and dinner with some of the real lifers. I am really excited I don't think I have been to the movies since I started school so I say it is about time!!
I will say that I think it is time to get a social life outside of real life. as much as I love real life it can't be the only way I meet friends. first things first, Find all the Jews of Utah! which means JCC and going to services on Friday which I planned on doing anyways but that is a good way to meet people.
FYI I have pics of the apt. I am trying to put them up but epically failing and unfortunately I have to go to the movies now so I shall try again tomorrow when in starbucks once again.

Till next time

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