Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun productive day!

Today was productive and fun all at the same time!! It didn't start off that way though. Woke up a little unmotivated until I talked to a couple of older women who come to the gym everymorning. I ended up telling them my story and they ended up crying. I almost forgot what it means for others for me to continue this hard journey of mine. It puts a new perspective on things. After a little boost of motivation I spent the morning at starbucks doing homework, and went to real life for a little bit during lunch. I also met with the cable guy . He didnt put the cable in yet that occurs tomorrow! Yay cable! Not just cable but internet as well which means I wont have to send my blog via droid anymore which is nice and I will be able to do homework at home rather than at starbucks. Dont get me wrong I love starbucks but it takes time to go to starbucks and sometimes I dont have that time. I was really debating on going to the movies with the real lifers but the cable guy was late so he made my decision easy. Instead I checked out dtown for a little bit found a couple cool places I will investigate later on in life. Lastly, and probably the most fun I have had since moving here was dinner with kimber. We went to thai which wasn't that bad, Gossiped a little and know I wont tell you what about, and she got to see my empty apartment. Its not much yet so I had to impress her with the pretty awesome gym I get to go to every day. Its no treehouse but for an apartment gym its pretty amazing. Anywho now I am off to bed to wake up early as usual so goodnight.
Till next time
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