Sunday, February 6, 2011


Why the title? allow me to explain.. If you read my status this morning you found out that I am pretty much failing medical terminology. I e-mailed my teacher yesterday asking what I could do because I have been doing everything I am supposed to I just really don't do well with testing and of course that is why my grades are so low. So I get an e-mail back this morning saying "Dear, Nicole I know you can do better just study harder and you will be able to get through it." WTF!!!!! ok I study for this class everyday for hours. I spend every ounce of time I can studying so please answer me this question: how am I supposed to study more when all my time already goes to school and not just school but to medical terminology. there is the first FML of the day. the second FML might be worse. I was taking my mid-term for Interpersonal relations today because it's due today and FYI I also had to find the time to study for that class as well. any ways I was taking the mid-term which is 8 essay questions. I finished the first and got to the second, as I was typing up the second essay question somehow the internet just jumps to the page that says "test completed" WTF no no it is not completed, I just started! so I was hoping it was a fluke and I could just return to the test, but nope. so 1 out of 8 questions answered which means I just failed my mid-term. I e-mailed my teacher but haven't gotten anything back so fingers are crossed that she gives me a second chance on that test. because of all of this I now am unable to go to Dland again tomorrow which I was planning on and going to the grocery store feels like I am doing something wrong because I really don't have the time to do so. here is something funny while typing up this blog I am listening to my medical terminology CD and taking notes because I want to start my studying early for this coming week. F MY LIFE.
On a good note GB PACKERS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I half-fast watched it while doing homework today, like I do everything. the only time I really completely stopped for the Superbowl was half time. as cool as that performance was the singing was just down right terrible. but all tat really matters is that the Steelers LOST and Packers won!!

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