Saturday, February 12, 2011

eating fast food. and craving the spelt.

Ok I bet you are wondering what's with the lovely title of this blog. Don't worry I didn't eat fast food and don't really plan on it anytime soon.
First off you should know about my day. I started it off with a fast paced walk up the hill. it was fantastic! its great knowing that I don't have to sweat by walking. Only months ago walking up that hill was such a trek but now its like a stroll in the park. after I studied a little, went to the spa for a little bit and then went back to homework. this is where the title comes into play. I had a paper to write for my intro to exercise science class. I had to choose from two different topics. one being women in sports and the second was to look through the nutrition of fast food restaurants, see what the calories, and fat content is, play with the ingredients to see if you can change up the numbers, and lastly make a meal that is semi-healthy. it was probably my favorite assignment ever. here is just some of what I learned: BK will never be visited by me. I didn't really like it to begin with. The only item I would ever go there for is the tendercrisp chicken sandwich which is 800 calories (no thanks). In-n-out is awesome but that's nothing new. Jack in the Box is also surprisingly amazing. I can get a whole lot of things there that are not only under 500 calories but also under 300 calories ya what now!! Jack in the box here I come! I can get the Chicken fajita pita for 234 calories. lets be honest the sodium is still outrageous and carbs are slightly high but that will definitely be considered for a treat one of these days and I can include a side salad and life will be amazing! I know it's kind of lame that this excited me and thinking about it I still would never go to a fast food restaurant for anything but I am still really stocked about it.
The rest of the day was nothing special considering I finished the assignment at four worked out a little bit after, played some assassins creed brotherhood which gets better all the time and had to leave at five fifteen for dinner with the grandma. she tried to cook healthy for me which was awesome. she made a bunch of steamed veggies and onion chicken. Yum! Now I am just studying and writing my blog!
5 days left till my long drive to Utah!!! is it sad that one thing I am really excited for is spelt bread only sold in Utah? I have been craving that spelt bread for like a week and nothing really compares. I have actually been wanting to make french toast with this yummy bread. I know weird but it's a weird craving I have been having so in five days I am going to stop by a grocery store and grab this bread!
bed time now
Till Next Time

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