Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday blog

Today is a special birthday! Not cause I did something amazing because really all I did was go to dinner with the family, homework, a trip to the spa for a special birthday lunch (subway!), and I got a smog check. My car is clean FYI at least I think it is.
This year is special because I am a completely different person. I am someone who has a completely different outlook on life. Last year I was a couch potato who spent the entire day watching shows and playing zelda. this year I spend my time working out and doing homework (I do still play a little zelda from time to time). Last year I had actually gained weight because I was still a little bummed that well my grandfather passed away two weeks before hand. this year well I am still a little depressed not cause of my grandfather but cause of other things in my life. but instead eating everything on the table I run. last year my birthday dinner was pasta primavera and patron, this year I had chicken salad with a mango sorbet. last year I thought going to real life fitness and health wouldn't change a thing. this year I look back at real life and think it has changed everything. So A lot has changed this year, but most importantly I can say that this year I know what I want in life. I won't be able to get everything I want but most of it all I need to do is go to school keep working out and remind myself that everything happens for a reason.
After an epic paragraph about how I have changed I figured you wanna know about the fun I had today. As I said before nothing epic really occurred today but dinner was fun so I will tell you about it. We tried out this new restaurant in Dtown called Dragon's den. It is actually really good. great service and great food. chatted up with the waitresses then got a yummy salad I kid you not I splurged on a salad. don't worry I sneaked little bites of everyone elses dinner and for desert... this is hilarious.... I was waiting to get THE COOKIE. some of you know what I am talking about but for those of you who don't, allow me to enlighten you. each and every birthday my grandma, the greatest woman ever makes a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie that is heaven. so today I counted my calories cut a few out in each and every meal and no I did not cut out meals but I made sure I could have a good amount of that cookie. She brought the traditional giant pizza sized plate rapped in foil so the entire time at dinner that's all I was thinking about. When the time came to peel of the foil, my grandma first says make sure you don't just rip it off, take off the first layer. that is what I did, and this is what I saw. I loved it and was probably the best part of the night.
after that I took off the rest of the foil and instead of cookie I got way to many protein bars! :) my grandma knows me all to well. I do have an addiction to protein bars. I promise I will only eat one a day (if even that). So the night was great.
Now I bet your wondering that is all you did today? Yes, Yes it is and that is great and I loved it but tomorrow there will be more. DLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been in forever so I am oh so stocked and I finally get to see the new world of color show.
Today was great this year will be great! I can't wait to move to Utah which FYI is the 17th I know I said the 14th but it's been postponed for a few days.
By the way thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am loving it
Now Homework then sleep so...
Till Next Time

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