Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fun productive day!

Today was productive and fun all at the same time!! It didn't start off that way though. Woke up a little unmotivated until I talked to a couple of older women who come to the gym everymorning. I ended up telling them my story and they ended up crying. I almost forgot what it means for others for me to continue this hard journey of mine. It puts a new perspective on things. After a little boost of motivation I spent the morning at starbucks doing homework, and went to real life for a little bit during lunch. I also met with the cable guy . He didnt put the cable in yet that occurs tomorrow! Yay cable! Not just cable but internet as well which means I wont have to send my blog via droid anymore which is nice and I will be able to do homework at home rather than at starbucks. Dont get me wrong I love starbucks but it takes time to go to starbucks and sometimes I dont have that time. I was really debating on going to the movies with the real lifers but the cable guy was late so he made my decision easy. Instead I checked out dtown for a little bit found a couple cool places I will investigate later on in life. Lastly, and probably the most fun I have had since moving here was dinner with kimber. We went to thai which wasn't that bad, Gossiped a little and know I wont tell you what about, and she got to see my empty apartment. Its not much yet so I had to impress her with the pretty awesome gym I get to go to every day. Its no treehouse but for an apartment gym its pretty amazing. Anywho now I am off to bed to wake up early as usual so goodnight.
Till next time
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Monday, February 21, 2011

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Starbucks and treehouse

So today I did homework went to walmart and snuck zumba for a couple dances. Fyi brenna, Love the new dance. Afrer I came home for some more homework and then back to treehouse to turn in an application. I know its odd I am already calling it home and I dont even have a mezuza up. I am gonna do that right so I have to wait a little amd it really does feel like home already. I got to hang out with shanna for five minutes which was so not enough time. Had to go vack home for dinner and more homework. I think I am going to just walk back and forth from treehouse to starbucks from now on. Which bringa me to the next story of the day.
Starbucks!! I started getting a single shot daily an doing homework there. I have been going to two different ones. I discovered today that I like tge one on 123rd better than the one on 106th. So I think I am just gonna do homework there from now on. Plus the people there already no me so why not.
Gotta go finish my day with a workout so...
Till next time
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Officially a UTAHN!!!!!!!!!

Finally have time and energy to write a blog!! Sorry for being to busy for a blog but now I have a whole bunch to write about.
I will start with the drive up!!! it was amazing! I started driving at 2 in the morning after no sleep. needless to say after about an hour and a half I had to have Bekka take over. FYI Bekka came with. I think you all know this but I thought I would remind you. She drove for about another hour and a half till we got a little passed vegas and then we switched again after refueling at a gas station. After that we drove off to St. George!!!! We got there at around 9:30 for a delicious breakfast with Jen and Chad. Well worth the wait FYI. we were there till about 11:30 and then drove off again non stop to the apartment (kind of) we had to stop at a starbucks first. then we got to the apt. which is amazing! I have a fire place! I don't know if I will use it considering every time I see a fire place I think of my grandfather in the backyard chopping up wood for the fire place but it's still awesome. I also have a terrace! it is over the park that is in the apartment complex and has a view of the mountains. What more can I ask for.
I could ask for a bed, dining table, couches, you know the things that I need to buy to make it official. I don't even have internet yet. which is why at this moment I am at starbucks doing homework and writing this blog. All that stuff though will come I just have to have the time to go shopping for it all and luckily I have the greatest daddy ever who is driving up here in his big white truck soon to bring some of the stuff I had when I was in Sonoma.
Anyways... after quickly checking out the apartment I had to take Bekka to real life to see everyone. I think some people scared her off because they already knew who she was, but can you blame them. I talk about Bekka way to much. Having her here was amazing! having her see why I love it here was even better and hopefully she will come and visit soon. I already miss her. After meeting everyone went to Sweet Tomatoes (the souplantation of Utah) with Steff and Thomas which was fun. I love spending time with them. After dinner I think it took me a matter of two minutes to get to the sleeping bag and just pass out. I woke up way to much but that's ok, I figured that was going to happen. Yesterday. was a pretty busy day of unpacking. I got mostly everything done there are just a few things I need before I am officially done. I took a break though. I went to dinner at real life then hung out with Lili and Sarah at their apt. It feels so good to be back.
Today was literally all about homework. all of this unpacking I needed a day break and plus I have a lot to do. I still have an essay to do but that will only take me a couple hours and then a few quizzes and those will be tough to do so I am just going to have to come back to starbucks tomorrow.
The only reason why I am not doing homework right at this second is because I figured you all needed a new blog from me and plus sometimes you just need to take a break from homework and a blog is the perfect break.
In a little bit I will be going to the movies and dinner with some of the real lifers. I am really excited I don't think I have been to the movies since I started school so I say it is about time!!
I will say that I think it is time to get a social life outside of real life. as much as I love real life it can't be the only way I meet friends. first things first, Find all the Jews of Utah! which means JCC and going to services on Friday which I planned on doing anyways but that is a good way to meet people.
FYI I have pics of the apt. I am trying to put them up but epically failing and unfortunately I have to go to the movies now so I shall try again tomorrow when in starbucks once again.

Till next time

Saturday, February 12, 2011

eating fast food. and craving the spelt.

Ok I bet you are wondering what's with the lovely title of this blog. Don't worry I didn't eat fast food and don't really plan on it anytime soon.
First off you should know about my day. I started it off with a fast paced walk up the hill. it was fantastic! its great knowing that I don't have to sweat by walking. Only months ago walking up that hill was such a trek but now its like a stroll in the park. after I studied a little, went to the spa for a little bit and then went back to homework. this is where the title comes into play. I had a paper to write for my intro to exercise science class. I had to choose from two different topics. one being women in sports and the second was to look through the nutrition of fast food restaurants, see what the calories, and fat content is, play with the ingredients to see if you can change up the numbers, and lastly make a meal that is semi-healthy. it was probably my favorite assignment ever. here is just some of what I learned: BK will never be visited by me. I didn't really like it to begin with. The only item I would ever go there for is the tendercrisp chicken sandwich which is 800 calories (no thanks). In-n-out is awesome but that's nothing new. Jack in the Box is also surprisingly amazing. I can get a whole lot of things there that are not only under 500 calories but also under 300 calories ya what now!! Jack in the box here I come! I can get the Chicken fajita pita for 234 calories. lets be honest the sodium is still outrageous and carbs are slightly high but that will definitely be considered for a treat one of these days and I can include a side salad and life will be amazing! I know it's kind of lame that this excited me and thinking about it I still would never go to a fast food restaurant for anything but I am still really stocked about it.
The rest of the day was nothing special considering I finished the assignment at four worked out a little bit after, played some assassins creed brotherhood which gets better all the time and had to leave at five fifteen for dinner with the grandma. she tried to cook healthy for me which was awesome. she made a bunch of steamed veggies and onion chicken. Yum! Now I am just studying and writing my blog!
5 days left till my long drive to Utah!!! is it sad that one thing I am really excited for is spelt bread only sold in Utah? I have been craving that spelt bread for like a week and nothing really compares. I have actually been wanting to make french toast with this yummy bread. I know weird but it's a weird craving I have been having so in five days I am going to stop by a grocery store and grab this bread!
bed time now
Till Next Time

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A much needed phone call!!!

This morning started out great! with delicious protein pancakes YUM!!! but as the day went by and more school started piling up then I ran out of stickies to put in my books so i had to go to target to get some and then the time changed for my spa appointment which completely through off my day. and this is not including all the apartment stuff I have to do and I still haven't done everything. So I got to the spa and realized that it might even be a little later and totally had a mini breakdown at day spa in the city. After the fact I got home and have been trying to catch up on school work like I always do and cooked an even more yummy lunch which was my own creation of brown rice spaghetti and turkey bacon. As I was cooking and thinking dear G-D what was I thinking going back to school, I missed a phone call from Trish. She left me a voicemail that made my day. There wasn't anything to it just calling me up to see how I was doing. but it was simply the fact that I was reminded of a couple things in that voicemail. 1. is that I will be in Utah in 1 week and 2 days. The second thing is because I really do want this. I want to be able to do what Trish does, What the people at RLFH and Treehouse do. I want to be able to make peoples' lives a little better by making the changes in their lives easier to cope with. If that makes sense. Anywho, I called Trish back oddly enough. I know I am not someone who calls people back but today I needed to talk to a Utahn I appreciate so I called back. I was right to do so. I was reminded of my accomplishment of sticking with my goals at home and I got to talk to a friend. FYI Trish I really miss seeing you at 5 in the morning. I just remind myself that I am there on that treadmill in spirit considering that the only difference now is that I am on the treadmill in my garage.
I still have a lot to do and have no idea how I am going to survive my first semester but I know I can breath because in 1 week and 2 days I will be in Utah and the next morning hopefully sneaking into treehouse for a morning workout.
Off to do Homework!
Till Next Time

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Why the title? allow me to explain.. If you read my status this morning you found out that I am pretty much failing medical terminology. I e-mailed my teacher yesterday asking what I could do because I have been doing everything I am supposed to I just really don't do well with testing and of course that is why my grades are so low. So I get an e-mail back this morning saying "Dear, Nicole I know you can do better just study harder and you will be able to get through it." WTF!!!!! ok I study for this class everyday for hours. I spend every ounce of time I can studying so please answer me this question: how am I supposed to study more when all my time already goes to school and not just school but to medical terminology. there is the first FML of the day. the second FML might be worse. I was taking my mid-term for Interpersonal relations today because it's due today and FYI I also had to find the time to study for that class as well. any ways I was taking the mid-term which is 8 essay questions. I finished the first and got to the second, as I was typing up the second essay question somehow the internet just jumps to the page that says "test completed" WTF no no it is not completed, I just started! so I was hoping it was a fluke and I could just return to the test, but nope. so 1 out of 8 questions answered which means I just failed my mid-term. I e-mailed my teacher but haven't gotten anything back so fingers are crossed that she gives me a second chance on that test. because of all of this I now am unable to go to Dland again tomorrow which I was planning on and going to the grocery store feels like I am doing something wrong because I really don't have the time to do so. here is something funny while typing up this blog I am listening to my medical terminology CD and taking notes because I want to start my studying early for this coming week. F MY LIFE.
On a good note GB PACKERS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I half-fast watched it while doing homework today, like I do everything. the only time I really completely stopped for the Superbowl was half time. as cool as that performance was the singing was just down right terrible. but all tat really matters is that the Steelers LOST and Packers won!!

Till Next Time

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday blog

Today is a special birthday! Not cause I did something amazing because really all I did was go to dinner with the family, homework, a trip to the spa for a special birthday lunch (subway!), and I got a smog check. My car is clean FYI at least I think it is.
This year is special because I am a completely different person. I am someone who has a completely different outlook on life. Last year I was a couch potato who spent the entire day watching shows and playing zelda. this year I spend my time working out and doing homework (I do still play a little zelda from time to time). Last year I had actually gained weight because I was still a little bummed that well my grandfather passed away two weeks before hand. this year well I am still a little depressed not cause of my grandfather but cause of other things in my life. but instead eating everything on the table I run. last year my birthday dinner was pasta primavera and patron, this year I had chicken salad with a mango sorbet. last year I thought going to real life fitness and health wouldn't change a thing. this year I look back at real life and think it has changed everything. So A lot has changed this year, but most importantly I can say that this year I know what I want in life. I won't be able to get everything I want but most of it all I need to do is go to school keep working out and remind myself that everything happens for a reason.
After an epic paragraph about how I have changed I figured you wanna know about the fun I had today. As I said before nothing epic really occurred today but dinner was fun so I will tell you about it. We tried out this new restaurant in Dtown called Dragon's den. It is actually really good. great service and great food. chatted up with the waitresses then got a yummy salad I kid you not I splurged on a salad. don't worry I sneaked little bites of everyone elses dinner and for desert... this is hilarious.... I was waiting to get THE COOKIE. some of you know what I am talking about but for those of you who don't, allow me to enlighten you. each and every birthday my grandma, the greatest woman ever makes a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie that is heaven. so today I counted my calories cut a few out in each and every meal and no I did not cut out meals but I made sure I could have a good amount of that cookie. She brought the traditional giant pizza sized plate rapped in foil so the entire time at dinner that's all I was thinking about. When the time came to peel of the foil, my grandma first says make sure you don't just rip it off, take off the first layer. that is what I did, and this is what I saw. I loved it and was probably the best part of the night.
after that I took off the rest of the foil and instead of cookie I got way to many protein bars! :) my grandma knows me all to well. I do have an addiction to protein bars. I promise I will only eat one a day (if even that). So the night was great.
Now I bet your wondering that is all you did today? Yes, Yes it is and that is great and I loved it but tomorrow there will be more. DLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been in forever so I am oh so stocked and I finally get to see the new world of color show.
Today was great this year will be great! I can't wait to move to Utah which FYI is the 17th I know I said the 14th but it's been postponed for a few days.
By the way thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am loving it
Now Homework then sleep so...
Till Next Time