Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why its tough to do dinner with the family

Well my day was productive. I did my homework, worked out and baught kingdom hearts: recoded which I can't wait to play.
I also talked to steff and kimber thats right two Utahns in one day!
Right now I am at dinner at my grandmas which is nice. Here is the hard part about it: before I come here I eat dinner because I still want to count calories and honestly now a lot of the stuff just looks unappatizing. What makes ot hard is that everyone acts like its a sin for me not to eat. I still don't have the urge to eat but it hurts that it is almost like I have to isolate myself so they don't nag me about. Ususlly they are supportive but tonight for some reason it was different. Apparently it hurts others when I don't eat. Oy!!
Anywho 3 more days till utah!!! Where I still have know idea how I am gonna survive with school and I have to find an apt. For feb... Oh fyi the plan is to move in feb.

Till next time
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