Sunday, January 9, 2011

The unveiling

Today was a little tough. It was my grandpas unveiling. For those of you who don't know what that is, its a jewish ritual after someone passes to unveil the tombstone usually after a year after they have passed. So today I went to my grandpas unveiling.
Honestly it was great to have everyone in my family give me that shock look and ask me a million questions. It kept my mind off of things a bit.
First thing I was thinking was that it would have been awesome if my grandpa could see me now. He is probably chilling somewhere surrounded by people he loves saying thats my granddaughter! Either that or he is in his lounge chair with a book in his lap with that I am going to try to look mad but there is a glimpse of pride look he used to have.
The tombstone was amazing it had my grandfather's famous quote on the back "thank you for coming to my party" hehe my grandpa would say that every where even if it was just dinner out with the family. He would have loved it.
After the unveiling we went to my grandmas house for food. Let me tell you for the first time in a long time I wanted everything that was there especially lucy's famous brownies. Those are the best brownies ever and I wanted it so badly. I think you would be proud of me when I say I didn't eat the brownie or anything there. I stepped back realized that the only reason why I wanted it is because food is my escape from emotion. I was starting to get a little bummed out. So I waited till three which is snack time, ran to the car grabbed my emergency snack, took a breather and walked back into the house with a yummy healthy snack and a smile.
Why a smile on my way back in? Its because of utah. Before starting to cry the thing that popped into my head was it would be awesome if I could sneak into Shanna's office, cuddle up in that comfy chair and just cry. That brought me to the realization that in a week I am going to be back in utah! I'm sure grandpa would make some remark about all the mormons in utah, but I love my mormon utahns and I miss them. Now I only have a week till I get to see them!

Till next time
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