Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stupid questions

so today was a little stressful. not in the sense of busy but in the I am having a tough time with one little thing at school. let me explain...

Online courses are really actually fun. you go online write a paper or a discussion the end. it is also harder than it seems because you have to learn all the material on your own. so before you actually answer questions on the discussion board, write a paper or take a quiz you have to read chapters of material you kind of understand but you really don't understand it. Now the time everything is due is important. Class discussions are due on thursday and everything else is due Sunday. So today all my discussions were due. I easily got all of them done except for one. This discussion in my Medical Terminology class. this question really made no sense to me. and to top it off it had nothing to do with what we were learning. it was a question on nouns, adjectives/adverbs, and verbs when this week we learned about prefix, suffix and root words. I don't know if you know this but there is a small difference. surprisingly it really is a small difference but that difference is important.
All day today I was staring at this ridiculous question trying to answer it. unfortunately I am taking online classes and can't ask my teacher in class or in the office for help. I just write an e-mail and hope they answer. guess what??? She didn't answer me. So today as I was staring I tried to keep myself busy by cooking and running errands for bekka and hanging out at starbucks for a little bit. Fyi there are some seriously attractive people working in that little strip mall just saying :). it was a good break. about 5 minutes ago I finally decided that I need to do something with this question so I just halffast the answer on the discussion board added a bunch of bs so it would be more than 100 words and hopefully I don't look to much like an idiot.
Now I am going to workout to blow of some steam and then sleep.
good night to all!

Till Next Time

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