Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School, redline, and meals with the family.

Alright so I woke up and startrd training for a 5k run which I can do in about 45 minutes. Thats not the best in the world but its a great improvement for me. I am hoping to get to 30 minutes.
After a great,morning workout I studied all day. I have to much school for someone who is taking online classes but its great. I took a break by doing two things. First was finally giving in and getting a redline. Which is my new lifeline. I have been crashing and have been having difficulties staying awake all day so I baught a few redlines to test out. I started with a princess redline which is still working after drinking it at11:00 today and I haven't finished the whole bottle. It made me jittery for a short period of time but for the rest of the day I just felt like myself again which was great
My second break was lunch with cousin lynda at miguad! My mexican restaurant. Carne asade with corn tortilla! I say I did pretty good. When I first walked in the girl that was working there took time to recognize who I was but she recognized me! She was shocked. And yes I am known miguad. I have been eating there for years its my mexican whole in the wall that I love way to much and noe that I can go there and not binge eat I feel great! I went to lunch with lynda to talk about my exoerience and what I learned which was great I love helping others by talking about my experience it just reminds that what I did was right!
After lunch I did homework all day. And now I am on my third break at my grandma's for dinner. I had an early dinner so I am enjoying the food from a distance which honestly doesnt bother me that much.
Only here for a little bit then off to do more studying which is why I didnt drink the entire redline I still got a lot to do and I got to save it just in case. I love spending time with my grams. Polish jokes and politics with a whole lot of family love!
5 more days till Utah!!!!
Till next time
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