Monday, January 17, 2011

My Utahns are awesome!

Um I can't really explain today. I wish I could but well.... life just well lost it's appeal today. me and the big guy, Hashem we aren't exactly on talking terms right now. Yet for some reason I had me Tehilim in my hands for hours today.
I actually am really glad I am in Utah right now because without the people here I couldn't go through today. So I guess I can dedicate this blog to them
I first got to start with Shanna who got me to laugh today. Today in our personal therapy session we came to the conclusion that I have an addiction. I DO GUM!!! :)
Then there is Jen who really isn't here but it was so great to call her up and here screaming boys in the background. just saying! It really isn't the same without Jen here.
Stephani who got me to do zumba tonight. thank you! much needed! I missed doing zumba with you on monday nights.
and lastly Cleo who is such an inspiration. It's good to have the queen back! It is also great to see the improvement from where cleo was 6 months ago to now.
Of course most everyone else here are amazing! there is always that one person who needs to be shoved down a drain but that's ok everyone else is amazing so I am having a great time in Utah, I just wish I didn't have to worry about whats going on other places in life.

Till Next Time

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