Sunday, January 2, 2011

missing in action

Today was a mixed day. Overall it was great. I have been hanging out with Bekka all day, running errands. honestly what beats hanging out with my best friend while being productive in a day.
The flaw in today was realizing that I have to snap back into reality but there are a few set backs. First you should know that I am starting school tomorrow. the issue is that I haven't gotten my books sent to me yet. I bought them and everything a couple weeks ago and I got nothing yet. so now I have to figure out whats going on within the next week or I am screwed homework wise. that is One really big flaw in my day. The second flaw is that I am missing just about everything that I need in life. I am missing the receipt for the books that I bought which is odd because I could have swarn I put it away in a specific spot and its not there. I am also missing my wallet. Luckily I have to wallets and the one missing has only money and not cards but its still a good amount of money thats missing. I am sure its in the house because I don't remember leaving with it but I don't know where in the house it is. third thing missing was the book Ranger's Apprentice which Bekka's dad found thank goodness. I owe him for that one.
Lately I have been loosing just about everything and its starting to get on my nerves. I know it always happens with me but usually its not important stuff but now it is getting to ruin my day.
On a fantastic note after gaining two pounds last week and a trip to mammoth I lost a whole lot of weight this week. To be exact I have lost 9 lbs this week. I kid you not. I was 149.2 last week and now I am at 140.2! not only am I back on track weightloss wise but I only have 5.2 lbs to go till my goal. I am so stocked for that to occur and hopefully it will happen before I get back to Utah so I can come into Real Life and get that look from all the newbies. I think most of you know which one. The one of WTF is she doing here. I would love that!
At the moment I am watching Saving Private Ryan so I am going to have to piece out.

Till Next Time

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