Tuesday, January 18, 2011

laughter through all the pain.

Today was a roller coaster ride for sure. I woke up after almost no sleep just not wanting to wake up at all. of course looking back at my record of only one day of not going to the gym first thing I had get myself up and running so I did. Honestly I looked and felt like crap today. It wasn't pretty. When I saw Kimber this morning and she thought I smoked something I figured it was time for redline. I got to 9.0 for the second time in intervals today. hopefully I can do it again tomorrow.
When it comes to all the B.S. at home that shouldn't be happening well lets just say I will be having my phone attached to me at all times till I actually here good news. I have hope for good news so maybe tomorrow I will get it. At least I know somewhat of whats going on and I don't have to be questioning it. I just wish that there was a better option.
There was some good today. I laughed in bootcamp today thanks to Adam. I can't believe you had to ask who I was talking about in last nights blog and no it wasn't Ann, she doesn't annoy me that much :P.
I also got distracted from my thoughts by an arcade day at boondocks which was oh so much fun. Brad and I beat this one shooting game thanks to the unlimited thing they got going on on Tuesdays.
When we got back for dinner Marky was working!!! I haven't seen her since I left and well it was great. The scream was so worth it. can't wait to sneak into the kitchen every now and then to get some marky time. and plus we gotta do sushi sometime soon.
To top off the day. I laughed way to hard in Kimber's office. First I got stories about past clients that were interesting. then I was just laughing at the fact that of course Kimber with her crazy imagination had to have a beautiful image of well... I would tell you but even just thinking about it makes me cringe a little. which of course now the hour of sleep I will be getting tonight will be filled with nightmares of that image thank you oh so very much Kimber. FYI Kimber and Shanna are awesome! but I have to be a little disappointing to them because I kind of didn't take your advice. sorry! I just can't. words don't come out of me that easily. I wish I could say it on my blog but last time I did something like that it pissed of my mom way to much so I think I will restrain from doing that.
Now I am doing homework cause in less than a day I went from being ahead to being behind.

Till Next Time

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