Thursday, January 20, 2011

the days are getting better.

Today was better. I don't know if I should say it was great but with everything on my mind and how much I laughed today, it was a great day. Unlike yesterday's intervals I was actually able to finish. I missed the first interval but that was cause Zumba with Brenna today was way to much fun! FYI I don't know if I have said this already but Brenna is an amazing friend to have. I also had a great morning workout of running, and bootcamp. I do hope Lisa is doing good. After what I learned today I have to say she is officially my hero of the week. Its great to meet such a strong fighter. This is the one thing that I love about being here, you get to meet inspirational people. Lisa is definitely one of those.
I didn't just learn a lot about people today or have a great workout. I also had a great time with Shanna and Kimber, FYI I do have to say oh so proud of myself for lunch today. I also went to group therapy on emotional eating. lets be honest I needed it. I have had a tough week and food is my addiction so just talking about emotional eating calmed me down. to top it off we did hypnotherapy which was amazing. My happy place (btw a lot of people call it that because we need to call it something) isn't even a place. It is a moment in time where everything was just perfect with the only person that really matters in life at the moment. Actually what really topped it off was Shanna mentioning what hypnotherapy she's got online only because it made for a good five minutes of laughter.
I have also been doing a whole lot of homework today. It is kind of making things a little harder balancing RLFH and school but since I am almost done with what I have due today I think I passed my first test.
Things I need to do though... text Jen I forgot to answer her back. Oh and I got to let you know that I am gonna attempt life without redline. Only cause mama Jen gave me the redline speech, so I had to research it and find out stuff I kind of already knew I just need something to keep me awake during the day. I also need to call the parentals cause they have been calling and I really haven't been wanting to talk to them. It's not their fault I just didn't want the questions about yesterdays status. sorry!
Right now I am about to finish up my homework go to bed and hopefull stay asleep till 3:30.

Till Next Time

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