Monday, January 3, 2011

crazy busy day!

Today was way to busy/productive in an odd way.
I woke up worked out for a bit and right away went online to start my first day of online schooling. it actually took me a lot longer than I expected. I spent a couple hours reading all the stuff I needed to. After that I dropped Adam off so I can run some errands. I also was helping out Bekka with a bunch of stuff today which was actually kind of fun as exhausting as it was. I bought the books I need again so I should be getting them in a few days. I also bought a new laptop from Costco. It's an HP which I love but honestly I am a MAC at heart. the only reason why I got this PC is cause I need it for school. To top off the perfectly busy day was a lovely phone call to Christy. It made all of this worth it. Why? well I have officially made a date for returning to Real Life. January 16th is the day! I am so excited! I know a lot has changed and I am sure it's for the better but to be honest life without Jen in San Diego is hard enough, I have no idea how I am going to survive without her at Real Life. Luckily there is still Kimber and Shanna! I know it will be a great two weeks. I am never really disappointed in Real Life.
what made this busy day survivable was the fact that a bunch of people in Utah texted me today. it put a big smile on my face knowing that it's not just me missing Utah.
Still busy today. I have to get plane tickets for Utah, do some Homework, and go for another hour of working out. After sleeping for just four hours and being busy all day that is actually a lot at 7:45. maybe if I get more sleep tonight I will feel ready for another busy day.

Till Next Time

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