Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back In good ol' Utah!!

Today I flew! I was mostly on a plane which was nice. it gave me the time to get ahead in school work which really isn't saying a lot because I still have way to much of it.
To be honest this is such a bitter sweet moment. I love being back! I love the fact that I am in Utah. I truly do feel at home here. I love the fact that Chleo and Suzanne live right below. for those of you who want to know who the truly inspirational are it's those two women downstairs. I spent some time with them talking about memories and all the changes. I can't stop smiling when I think about them.
The issue of the day is that I can't stop thinking about tomorrow. I am not talking about bootcamp I actually am really excited about that. I just have a lot on my mind that unfortunately I can't share with all of you. It's not my business to share so I am really sorry. It is however effecting everything that I do in the next few months. So for the past week I have been praying to hashem! asking him for two things. 1. stop F***ing with my emotions. I can do happy or sad but I can't do them both at the same time it is just way to confusing. 2. please please please please please let the outcome be one that I will actually be happy about.
Anywho now that I have gotten way to personal with everyone who has read my blog I have to get off and start doing homework because hashem knows I have to much of it. Tomorrow will be my first official day back at RLFH so I have to make sure I enjoy the changes. I already know that there are a couple changes that I just refuse to like. Still am trying to figure out how I am going to survive without Jen here. especially with everything going on. I hope it works out.

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