Friday, January 28, 2011

adventerous day!

First went to the BOD POD!! its this cool bod that tests your weight and body %. It told me that I was at 25.2% body fat! This means that I am right there at a normal body fat. I can go lower and plan on it but not much I really just want to tone up and get my RMR up! that was ridiculous. I also got my RMR done. It was at 1253! how ridiculous is that. I basically can't eat more than that many calories if I have a lazy day. Not that I can't eat less than that I can and have done it before but I want to be able to eat more. anywho after that it was just busy. I went to kickboxing, spin and the cool down song in Brenna's zumba. I am gonna miss Brenna. I know I am coming back but there are still a lot of people I will miss for the short period I am gone and people that aren't here anymore that I miss. I went apt. shopping once again but this time around was different. I don't really know what that means yet but we shall see in the near future.
Ok for the adventurous part of my day. I was back at the apt. that I am staying at at the moment doing homework and I get this SOS text. it wasn't really an SOS it was more like a we are screwed text. so I ran to treehouse to find Markie panicking because Ethan (for some reason I am never 100% sure that is his name so if it is not I am sorry) cut the tip of his finger off. So I helped them get out some yummy bison burgers out. I love to say that they were delicious especially since I helped out a little bit.
anywho, that was my adventure. I ran straight home after to do homework and pack. I am not done with either so I will get back to that but I will admit I took a little break by hanging out with Kimber. I shall miss Kimber to! I have missed all week. She isn't at real life no more so I have to wait a little bit each time I see her which makes me a little sad. Tonight was fun though. So after this last break by blogging I will be up doing homework.

Till Next Time

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