Sunday, December 12, 2010

workout goals.

Alright a few cool things about today:
First is all my bandages and all the tape is officially off. now all that is on my tummy is a few scars from a fun surgery. Second is I ran stairs today! ten times to be exact which means my stamina is really getting back. Third and final thing is that I might go up north earlier than expected and get my car earlier than expected. I will explain what that means later on in life when I really know whats going on.
Now for the actual day. I just went shopping today. I went to Sears, Target and then Trader Joe's with the madre. and Let me tell you unless it's for some video games, books or food I really hate shopping. I actually got a lot of great stuff but I can't survive more than twenty minutes shopping. it drives me nuts. Sadly I still have to find something for the wedding so I still need to go shopping again at a point. In between stores we at at Bj's. I love Bj's and I think I did pretty well food wise. the big shocker for the day is that I bumped into Orit. long time no see by they way. it was two seconds of awkwardness considering everything but it was oddly fun considering the texts afterwards.
let's talk workouts shall we. everything has been going great. I have been getting my run back on and even am able to do planks for more than a minute. but there is just one issue one epic thing that is just killing me inside. My push-ups are taking a little slower to recover. I can barely do one push-up. I know it will get there I do but I was at a good 25-30 push-ups on my toes and now I am at 10 on my knees and 1 on my toes. luckily everytime I wanna give up Jen's voice is in my mind. I would say tomorrow I will get to two push-ups but it's a core day so it will have to wait a couple days. so my goal for tomorrow is a two minute plank, a 30 second side plank considering that I haven't been able to do that, and a 5 mile walk. that may not be a lot to most from real life anymore but at this point that will be an excellent accomplishment.

Till Next Time

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