Saturday, December 18, 2010

working out with people I love and still missing Utah.

Today was rather productive and fun! I woke up and did my usual routine till about 9:00 when I got ready for a nice trip to my brother's apartment. He wanted to workout with me. Fyi he as the most fantastic apt. gym ever. I can spend hours just explaining the treadmills they have set up with a t.v. on each one. and then they have bosu balls, weights, punching bags, and a bunch of machines that just make me happy. I didn't use much of them but that was because I was just thrilled that there was a bosu ball and stability ball that is fit for my new found tinyness. For the real exciting factor of my time at that awesome little gym was the run I had on the tread. I am back to my 1.5 miles in 19 minutes. Considering that for the military 1.5 miles needs to be done in under 11 minutes and 30 seconds I know I got a long way to go but I am back to where I was before all my gallbladder b.s. so I am stocked now I can start getting better than I was before and hopefully get to that 11:30 time. after a fabulous workout with my wonderful older brother I ate my delicious baked turnip fries. Ya thats right I said turnip fries. Highly recommend attempting that it is oh so yummy. I also may have found the perfect apartment in Utah. In sugarhouse which for some reason is where I want to be.
I got this lovely phone call from Jackie! She is who my sister should be if I ever had a little sister. I lover her to death. after a fun phone call we went to lake murray and had a rather entertaining and insightful walk.
Now I am waiting for a christmas dinner my mom is having. Yes the Jewish Israeli mother is having a christmas dinner. It's for everyone who works at her spa and it is really just an excuse to have them over for dinner. luckily I actually enjoy most of there company so I really am looking forward to it.
Alright as great as today was compared to every other day here I am still having Utah withdrawals. How do I know I am having Utah withdrawals?? Well first off OMG by Usher came on the radio this morning and I started doing zumba which FYI Brenna hasn't even had the song in zumba in the longest time so I don't even know how I remembered that dance. Second reasoning is the fact that I have noticed every Honda CR-V and every fit there is in San Diego. FYI there wasn't a fit in sight at all a few months ago and now everyone has one. third reason is that I am trying to figure out ways to make up words like tinyness just for a tiny little giggle. to top it all off I have said "you can do anything in 30 seconds" like 10 times today and "your awesome" about 50 times. this is becoming an awesome yet terrible problem to have. I smile every ten seconds knowing I will be back yet I also know it won't be for at least another few weeks till that happens. and texting Jen one of my all time favorite Utahns is not helping
Tonights dinner is in ten minutes so I am going to get ready before I continue on about Utah so...

Till next time

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