Sunday, December 19, 2010

a ruined puzzle to watching a great movie.

Today was just not my day! why? well cause I woke up like always went downstairs turn on the lights and saw that someone had brought back to the table and I thought well thats awesome. As I got my snack out and sat down next to the puzzle I realized there was a huge chunk of the puzzle missing! Usually whent that occurs its usually just a few pieces that are right next to the spot they belong to not a whole chunck of the puzzle and I have no idea where the pieces went. I was really trying to be ok with it. I did everything I even whipped out the Self-esteem companion book but nothing worked. I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what to do after the book didn't help and I did the unthinkable. I took apart the puzzle! now keep in mind I will bring it to Utah with me so I can do the puzzle there and I honestly just couldn't look at it anymore. I know some of you don't really get why this is such a big deal to me but it is and I don't even know why its a big deal to me. For some reason it is and it is still bumming me out. I haven't had to completely destroy a puzzle in a while and I don't like it.
anywho after that I just wasn't motivated to do anything. I did get a workout in and I had a failed attempt at a healthy mole sauce but really did nothing till 1:00. hats when I went to Fashion Valley where there were to many people shopping for to many things. on a good note for the day I may have found something I can wear to the wedding I would show you all but I am still not sure it is gonna happen and plus it would be awesome if it was a surprise for people. of course knowing my mother She probably has already sent the picture of it to everyone. I really hope not!
FYI the one thing slightly cheering me up at the moment is the first CG animated movie length film ever. TOY STORY!!!!!!! Pixar's start to fame. so to quote this amazing film
"This isn't flying. This is falling with style." I love disney Pixar!

Till next time

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