Wednesday, December 22, 2010

this darn weather!

For those of you who don't watch the news you should know that the weather here in southern California has been pretty terrible. If you ask me the gray dull rain is a whole lot worse than the white fluffy snow in Utah. Just saying atleast there was some sunlight when it snowed. the rain has been ruining my workouts. Not that I am not working out. I do my regular bootcamp style workouts in the morning and at night and then instead of going for a run or walk outside I have been doing stairs and a whole lot of plyometric workouts thanks to P90X I have also added a small fun workout with wii fit. but honestly I kind of miss being outside. It was a rather nice workout walking to gamestop or the spa. hopefully this rain cools down for at least a day.
Considering my lack of a car and the rain I haven't been out to much. luckily I had my brother go with me to get some clothes for mammoth and then we went to grandma for dinner which was rather fun. I got to see my cousins. I really do love telling people about my life at real life. As annoying as it gets with the friends that my mother has it never gets old with family I love. While at grossmont after buying some boots I had to sneak into Barnes and Noble to get the last Diary of a Wimpy kid (I just had to). So now I really have to just finish reading the Percy Jackson book which is also great that is an excellent book but I am really looking forward to Diary of a Wimpy kid. I know I have a thing for kids books but what can I say I am a kid at heart always and forever.

Till next time

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