Monday, December 20, 2010

Starting up everything in Jan.

A rather unproductive day today but still good. all I did today was go to costco. but it was rather theraputic.
Why am I putting up a blog if I have done pretty much nothing? I finally figured out the perfect plan for how I am going to go to Utah for my two weeks and then to Sonoma for a little bit and then back home and then back to Utah. and I have found so many perfect apartments. I have been doing my research on where I would want to live when I am in Utah and no matter what sugarhouse pops up as the best place for me. Why you ask? well for a few reasons 1. and probably the most important to me is the fact that i will be close to the only synagogue in the salt lake area. 2. is right next to that is the dollar movie theater and for some reason I have a love for that place. 3. is cause it's close to school but not so close I feel like I am living at school. and 4. last but certainly not least is that it is cheap. So I have found a couple places in sugarhouse I just need to go check them out and make sure I am not being tricked into living in some sketchy apt. with a terrible landlord and annoying neighbors or something like that. which brings me to my next point.
I have my two weeks at real life left. My plan and I have to apologize to the people coming back in February for this. I plan on coming back in Jan. of course this isn't official yet considering that RLFH is officially closed till the beginning of January.
Now for going to Nor-Cal (and I am truly hoping that some of my friends up there read this because it would make things a whole lot easier). I need to ask you all a question. Whats going on the last week of Jan? or the first week of Feb.? that is when I am hoping to come up but considering that this is the last semester for most of you I figured you might be to busy for a friend you probably all forgot about already.
Anywho after Nor-Cal I am coming home to celebrate my Bday with the family. I really don't know how I am going to top off last year. going to Lips was an experience I will never forget (if you have to ask what lips is you really don't want to know).
Lastly (hopefully mid February I will officially move to Utah. I am so stocked for that one. Finally my life will have a kick start. FYI inbetween all of this I do plan on taking a trip to St. George for some reason. and before that I promise to read the last Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
I do have plans for tonight though! a trip to the movie theater with my little brother to see TRON LEGACY 3D!!!! I have to get ready for that so...

Till Next Time

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