Monday, December 6, 2010

protein bar, skype and a beautiful baby girl

So much on my mind today. One is I went on a very nice walk. About half way through I felt like passing out. On a good note it was way longer than yesterdays walk and this morning I added a few squats. Just a few don't worry I didn't over do
Ever since the surgery my relationship with food has taken a turn for the worse. I haven't cheated or anything. A small addiction issue today. I couldn't figure out what I wanted for lunch and had a small little anxiety attack about it. Nothing to epic I got myself out of it pretty quickly. I made a home made protein bar for tomorrow to keep me from freaking out. cooking really comes me down some how. now the most important part of my day was meeting the new shachar. the cutest baby girl ever. she is in the nicu. not anything epic thankgoodness. she just need to be in there for a few days do to a small virus. have you ever been in the nicu. it really gets you thinking. you see these amazing gifts these joys that will possibly be taken away from there families it is so not cool. then again now a days due to modern medicine babies come out healthy in no time. anyways I truly hope that all goes well in that room for all the families in that room. I am about to go to hopefully the last channukah dinner. it is with the grandma so it will be fantastic.
fyi while all of this was going on I was texting my new awesome friend sara. another sara from florida who I know due to real life fantastic!! oh and I got skype now so if you got skype let me know I will try to find you or you can find me.
today was great I am in a fantastic mood and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Till next time

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