Wednesday, December 8, 2010

most of my mom's friends and then Gila

Nothing really epically special occurred today. I worked out, went to costco spend the day with my mother (fyi I really need some friends to hang out with), went to CPK with her and marshalls and went to Starbucks with her and met up with Gila.
Let me tell you about Gila, a New Yorken Jew who now lives in La Jolla. She is my moms friend which is a shocker to me cause I actually Kind of think she's cool. she is definitely a lot more chill than most of my mom's friends and isn't as superficial. She also knows how to think before speaking and how to get to know someone without worrying about there appearance so she definitely is a few steps ahead of most of my mom's friends.
Before I continue on and tell you what we talked about let me tell you about everyone else. coming home hasn't exactly been my favorite thing. honestly I enjoy Utah way to much to enjoy being here. What has made it kind of worse is some of the reactions that I get from people. Don't get me wrong it's flattering and awesome to see the shock especially when it's from people I actually care about. The issue is the questions and remarks that I get. to give you an example: someone came up and asked "don't you look back and just hate yourself for being that." ya I kid you not someone asked me this. now to answer the question honestly, HELL NO you idiot. I was one happy fat kid and I don't regret where I was back then. also here is what you need to know I am not changing me. for those of you who think I am get a clue and there is a reason why I tell my mom no thank you when she asks me to come to dinner at your house. now here is what you need yes I am wearing a new bracelet now no it is not because I can now. news flash fat people can wear jewelery. I am just more open now and plus the symbolism on the stuff is actually really cool. to top that off I still don't like the gross I wanna be 20 again but never will kind of clothes no offense to any of you but that will never change.
Now back to Gila. At Starbucks today I got a great reaction from her. the typical mouth dropping OMG look and then a huge smile and laugh. That is all I truly need. Of course I tend to talk to Gila like a normal human being since she does have a brain and plus she is one of the only people I can walk and talk with for hours that lives in La Jolla. So the first we get talking about is how I haven't really changed. THANK G-D!!! thats all I needed to hear. I never wanted to change. Ya I like feeling healthy it is something I am still getting used to but it's nice. I just never wanted to change myself. I have added more to who I am, I have become more open but I am still me. Thanks Gila for the great talk!
Fyi random but sad note. I might have to extend my SD stay till the beginning of April! which is making this all the more better. hopefully I get to spend time with Gila more she might make the others a little easier to deal with.
Hookah tonight with Bekka then sleep!

Till Next Time

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  1. So, I don't usually comment on what you write, but... though I read every.single.word. I love what you write!!! And (at least from what I've read) you are still you, just a little more grown up. You've opened up and you're figuring out yourself and what you want to do and you actually sound really happy with most things now. I am looking forward to seeing you on Friday =) For a while, we used to hang out allllll the time back in the day, so it'll be nice to see you and introduce you to Ellie Aviah. Oh, and Riley is much better about not peeing on people =) And as far as you needing more friends goes, I am almost always at home because I don't have a car... but I do have a TV and Disney movies... so we could always work our way through some of those. Just sayin...