Friday, December 31, 2010

The past few days and the new year.

I know its been a couple days since I have blogged or wrote a status on facebook book. Sorry about that. Here is what you missed in those days.
First day we didnt go snowboarding. There was a blizzard here in mammoth so a couple of newbies on the slope not the smartest choice. Instead we had a snowball fight which was fun. I ate it pretty bad afterwards. Flaceplanted right into the snow. Lucky it was nice and fluffy so no sa no damage done.
Second day you missed was a snowboard day. It was the perfect snowboard day! Matt and myself (the two newbies in the group) got lessons. It was really fun. The instructor was this total surfer dude from cali who was having way to much fun teaching the class. you know those mini lifts on the bunny slope that you have to hold on to. Well its a lot harder to hold on to those things than I thought it would be. Lets just say I gave the instructor something to laugh about. snowboarding was fun. I learned a lot.
Now to today. I am at the lodge right now after my first attempt at snowboarding. It wasn't the greatest experience of my life. I attempted to turn down to a different slope, started going to fast fell tumbled a few times and twisted my knee. Welcome to my life, everything leads to pain in the knees. Overall it wasn't that bad I just need more practice. Right now I am nursing the knee which means I have to wait till my next time to snowboard.
We are leaving thw lodge soon about to go back to the house and celebrate the new year. So happy new year to all!! next blog you will get will be next year.

Till next time

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