Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the good the bad and just the down right WTF?

Today was filled with good news, bad news and just al around confusion. let me explain...
I first went to my mom's spa. I was there for a few hours. I helped fold towels, chatted with people and ate at D.Z. Akins. nothing like a good sandwich from DZ. anyways on my way to the spa I got this insane text telling me that Jen didn't work at real life anymore. WTF MATES!!!! alright I know I should be all come and cool and try to understand especially since they have grown a reputation in getting rid of there best people so why should it be such a shocker. but it is honestly not the fact that it's a shock thats getting to me. the more I think about the more I question how anyone will do with out Jen. I mean honestly who hasn't gotten atleast one lecture from Jen that hasn't motivated them to keep it up at real life. so then I think about how am I going to do when I go back. I know I am only there for two weeks and that I still have Kimber and Shanna and honestly they are equally as awesome as Jen. but there won't be mama Jen there rooting me on. I mean lets be honest even though most of my accomplishments were done by me and me alone I wouldn't have done them if Jen wasn't there. I have been waiting to right this blog to let everything out and burst into crazyness like I usually do when I am in a bummed out mood or get bad news but for some reason I can't. all I can think about is now I am going to have to do it with out her there and that is just going to make me stronger. however I don't know if anyone else can survive. especially Kimber. this is Just so confusing and heart breaking and it really should not be this weird. I guess I am just Sad that Jen's gone. I kind of want to go back to Utah now to figure out whats going on in my mind and to see if Jen's doing alright.
alright enough with the bummer of the day. for the good part of the day. I talked to Garen today. who is Garen you are wondering. well he is a trainer who is opening up a gum close by. I got an internship with him! ya thats right. the first few months of 2011 I got an internship! after that I have to move to Utah. I am stocked it will basically be a few hours a day learning how to train others. He did talk about certifications and which one I should choose and he had a point I do need to start thinking about which one I want. I really have no idea which one to choose so if anyone has any advice I could use some right about now. I am looking all of them up so hit me with anything you got.
For the truly confusing part of my day well some of it included the fact that I don't know how to react to Jen being gone and the other part is stuff I can't really talk about on my blog. so oh so sorry about that.
considering there is still a couple hours to the day I will tell you this I know I am going to try to work out a little bit tonight. since tonight is supposed to be a core day I really do have to be careful. so it will be one light work out. the pain is slowly going away so hopefully the doctor this week will tell me I can up my workouts if not then I guess I will stick to the diet. luckily I made a yummy home made protein bar today. so excited to have some of it tomorrow.

Till Next Time

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