Saturday, December 11, 2010

decisions made.

I honestly wasn't going to do a blog today but I figured there are a few things I have to tell you.
First of how my day started was fantastical! I started running again! It's slow pace and I can only do a couple blocks at a time but I did an hour long walk/run today and it just felt amazing to feel the wind blowing just cause I was going a little faster than usual. After that I went to OPH to visit Bekka at work which is nothing special really. the next special moment of the morning is when I got home. I weighed myself when I got back. I am now 148.4 lbs which means that I have hit over 90 lbs of weightloss! 90.3 lbs gone, hopefully never to be seen again. That is my excitement for the day.
Now for what the title of this blog is about... well first decision I should tell you the answer to is whether or not I am going to do this internship. honestly I kind of knew the answer and thanks to some great people in Utah giving me advice it just made it more obvious. I am not going to do it. reasoning to it is rather simple. I don't have the 20 weeks to give this guy and I don't want to pretend like I am going to give him 100% when I want to take the time to visit friends go back to Utah for a couple weeks and then actually go to school after that.
Second decision was which certification I wanted to go for. right now after everyone was pretty much said the same thing, NASM is my top pick. ACE is a very close second. I still have sometime before I actually go for my certification so I am not going to say I am 100% doing NASM.
I also need to tell you all about my plans for the next few months. I think you all are going to want to know this. December really is a birthday, a wedding, and a trip to Mammoth. I am going to learn how to snow board, I am coming prepared for Utah snow so when I go snowboarding with friends there will only be a slight laughter to my skills. I am coming back January 1st enough time to get ready for school! I start online classes on the third. The ninth is my grandfathers unveiling so I will be with the family the 21st is the 1 year anniversary of his death so I figured I want to be here for both of those. but right after that I want to go back to real life. i do have time left with them and I am truly missing everyone so I have a phone call to make. after those two weeks I am going to Nor-Cal! I also miss my RO-PO peeps so sometime between coming back from Utah and going back to Utah I will be in Nor-Cal for a few days after that it is straight to Utah for good! I can't wait for that day. this is going to be a crazy yet productive few months and year.
I still say I think way to much considering that all of this popped into my head in a little 30 minute drive from OPH.

Till Next Time

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