Thursday, December 9, 2010

decision making time!

So I really wanted to write a blog today even though there is really almost nothing to say about today, but there is a reason for it. I went to the doctor for a post-op check up. I really believe it was just an excuse for the idiot doctor to attempt to speak hebrew to my mother.
now for the reason I want to write this blog.. I need your help once again. everyone gave great advice about what certification to choose so I figured I would use you all once again to help me out. So remember a couple of blogs ago I talked about an internship? well if not I got an internship at this gym that is opening up the beginning of January. here is he dilemma. the guy that owns the place, Garen wants me to gaurantee 20 weeks with him. 1. I have to be in Utah by April 1st because thats when the second quarter of school starts and that is only 12 weeks away from when Garen is opening up his gym. 2. I really need to do an epic road trip that will take me atleast a week. first I have to go to Utah to get my car. I don't really need it now but I do need to move all my stuff to Utah. after that I have to go to Northern California, Rohnert Park. I miss a few of my friends up there so I have to go up there for atleast a weekend. for the third thing and I really do want to do this before I start my second quarter or even during. I still have some real life time to do that I didn't get to finish. Fourth and final thing and to me the most important thing is I need to have my Disneyland days, those days when Bekka and I have nothing to do so we decide to drive up to Disneyland and spend all day till closing at the Happiest place on earth.
Now for the reasons I should do the internship... For one thing, I get an hour of a great workout led by a great trainer. Second is the fact that it will be a great kick start to my journey. the third thing is the fact that if I decide to come back to San Diego after school this could be a door wide open for me. fourth and final is the fact that it will look really good on my resume.
I know what I want to do but I don't know which one is right. so confizzled! Life would be a whole lot easier if I just married a rich jewish man and had no care in the world. Unfortunetely g-d created one crazy girl who really would never ever want to be that kind of person.

Till Next Time

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