Saturday, December 4, 2010

The day after.

A great successful surgery led me to get home this morning at around 11:00 which was great. The doc came in said everything was great got me a prescription which I haven't even taken yet. The pain goes away with a little tylenol. I was told I can walk around but no actual working out allowed for the next couple weeks :(. I guess I should listen to thw doctor but I don't know, it's just so tempting to whip out my pull up bar right now. Just kidding! To be honest it hurts to even laugh so I think I will listen to the doc.
Right now I am at k1 speedway (go cart racing). No I am not racing just celebrating monte and josh's birthday. I promise I am taking it easy. I got camera duty. Plus we are leaving soon. Going to benihana then home to sleep.
By the way I love all the support I am getting. It makes the healing process that much better so thank you.

Till next time
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