Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Before I get to this festive holiday let me tell you about my day. First thing I got to tell you is about my workout. I wake up everymorning now and do a mini bootcamp and then atleast a couple miles walking during the day and a pt at night. Today is a core day. I found one of Michele's workouts. The one thats on the floor the entire time doing crunches v-ups and planks like three different ways each. Ya it's by far one of Michele's More intense workouts. So simple yet so brutal! I loved it now keep in mind that working out has been a little difficult for me these days so I could only do like thirty minutes of it but it was great! after this fantastic workout I went to the hospital for pre-op. I basically answered a bunch of questions, peed in a cup and got x-rayed. Went to sears to kill some time and bought a great shirt. After that this is the shocker of the day... I got my hair done. I straightened my hair. I am not talking with just a flattening iron I am talking brazilian blowout. Which means three months off straight hair! I hope I get to go to utah before it fizzes out. That was pretty much my day.
Now for channukah. Tonight is the first night of channukah. It is a wonderful exciting holiday that celebrates the miracle of the maccabees. Who are the maccabees? History lesson of the day... The first temple was taking over and pretty much destoyed. For a while it was run by the greeks who brought statues into the temple to force israelites to pray to them. Some israelites hid in the mountains and created a militia named the maccabees. They defeated the greeks by using their knowledge of the land. When they came back everything was destroyed. The menorah was still intact but there was obly enough oil for one day and it takes 8 to produce more oil. They lit the menorah anyways and the miracle is that it lasted 8 days. Noe of course we celebrate the victory of the maccabees and the rebuilding of the temple but we use the miracle of the menorah to symbolize that by lighting a menorah or channukia for eight days. Tonight is the first night! A night of dinner eith my moms israeli friends and their kids which means we get to give them gifts (by the way that is a total americanized thing)! We also get to play dreidel, eat gelt and just enjoy life. This is one of the only holidays we are actually just purely happy. tonight we are having a pretty big dinner. It's not that big in my mothers eyes but sixteen people is plenty for me. That also means that we are having a huge meal including Latkes (fried potatoe pancakes), and sufganiot (stuffed donuts). Don't worry though I am staying clean I prepared today with low-cal meals just incase I start to break so I am prepared. no donuts for me. luckily they are not as good as the real thing so I can resist. I have to go light the candles so..

Till next time

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