Sunday, December 26, 2010

At a wedding!

So today was filled with packing for mammoth which I did a terrible Job at. I hope I survive the next week with what I brought. I am also at a wedding. Reut and Eli's wedding! Its fun, crazy and weird. I havent seen some of the people that are here in ages. It's nice to know that they wouldnt recognize me if my mom didnt point me out. you know how I was telling you about me trying to find something to wear for this thing... Well I found a dress. Ya thats right, at the moment I am wearing a dress. I will post up pics I promise that. it is a rare situation, I couldnt find amything better. I really need alcohol to enjoy myself at something like this. Unfortunately I am staying clean. No cheating!
I am leaving after this. Hopefully seeing michael who I havent seen in forever. I cant wait.
Fyi I totally am stocked for tomorrow. I get to see two people in my life that always put a smile onm y face and then I am going to mammoth with bekka and her family. I will try to blog from there,
Till next time

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