Friday, December 31, 2010

The past few days and the new year.

I know its been a couple days since I have blogged or wrote a status on facebook book. Sorry about that. Here is what you missed in those days.
First day we didnt go snowboarding. There was a blizzard here in mammoth so a couple of newbies on the slope not the smartest choice. Instead we had a snowball fight which was fun. I ate it pretty bad afterwards. Flaceplanted right into the snow. Lucky it was nice and fluffy so no sa no damage done.
Second day you missed was a snowboard day. It was the perfect snowboard day! Matt and myself (the two newbies in the group) got lessons. It was really fun. The instructor was this total surfer dude from cali who was having way to much fun teaching the class. you know those mini lifts on the bunny slope that you have to hold on to. Well its a lot harder to hold on to those things than I thought it would be. Lets just say I gave the instructor something to laugh about. snowboarding was fun. I learned a lot.
Now to today. I am at the lodge right now after my first attempt at snowboarding. It wasn't the greatest experience of my life. I attempted to turn down to a different slope, started going to fast fell tumbled a few times and twisted my knee. Welcome to my life, everything leads to pain in the knees. Overall it wasn't that bad I just need more practice. Right now I am nursing the knee which means I have to wait till my next time to snowboard.
We are leaving thw lodge soon about to go back to the house and celebrate the new year. So happy new year to all!! next blog you will get will be next year.

Till next time

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First full day in mammoth

My first day in mammoth was interesting. I spent the first half going to vons which was actually really fun. It was just bekka and myself which is always nice. After that we went snowboarding. Now keep in mind a few things: one is that this was my first time snowboarding. Second is that my core strength hasn't been up to par since I got my gallbladder removed and honestly as strong as I was getting I still wasnt that great. Third which for those of you who have been reading my blog know this, my knees are well a little sensitive. So to tell you about my snowboarding experience.... We were on the bunny slope the entire time. Bekka was trying to teach me the basics. Considering the fact that I cant even buckle myself into the board I knew it would be interesting. After finally getting set and pulled up to a standing position I attempted to snowboard. I can say this I know how to speed up and how to fall on my rear end. I can't get the stopping down and after trying and getting frustrated I nearly took the board and tossed it but I didn't because I didn't feel like taking of my gloves to unbuckle then buckle up again after the fact.
Anywho after a while my knees started to hurt and they actually still do so I decided to end my time a little early while everyone else went on a real slope. We left soon after and now are at dinner. I will tell you this if I could snowboard it might actually be fun.
I dont really know whats going on tonight maybe a movie or something I will let you know.

Till next time
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

At a wedding!

So today was filled with packing for mammoth which I did a terrible Job at. I hope I survive the next week with what I brought. I am also at a wedding. Reut and Eli's wedding! Its fun, crazy and weird. I havent seen some of the people that are here in ages. It's nice to know that they wouldnt recognize me if my mom didnt point me out. you know how I was telling you about me trying to find something to wear for this thing... Well I found a dress. Ya thats right, at the moment I am wearing a dress. I will post up pics I promise that. it is a rare situation, I couldnt find amything better. I really need alcohol to enjoy myself at something like this. Unfortunately I am staying clean. No cheating!
I am leaving after this. Hopefully seeing michael who I havent seen in forever. I cant wait.
Fyi I totally am stocked for tomorrow. I get to see two people in my life that always put a smile onm y face and then I am going to mammoth with bekka and her family. I will try to blog from there,
Till next time

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas and black swan

First and most importantly.... MERRY CHRISTMAS to my non jewish friends out there. I really do love christmas. there is something about it (christmas spirit or whatever you want to call it) that just makes everything ok. All of this is coming from the jewish girl who doesn't even celebrate christmas but it is nice to be out in the world where for one day just about everyone is happy.
Second... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother he is 17 today. Ya thats right I have a christmas brother. He was born 17 years ago on christmas in Las Vegas while my older brother got lost at circus circus. I got him Assassin's creed brotherhood. I am so excited to play it. I am trying to wait till he plays it so it doesn't completely look like a bought for myself because I really didn't. it was mostly for him. I just might enjoy it a little more than he will.
Thirdly what did I do today? I ran grossmont center walked up del cerro and then went to the wertheim's for a nice lunch. it was nice to see people I haven't seen in a while.
After that I went with Jackie and Jessica to see Black Swan. Can I just say that is one trippy movie! Natalie Portman is an amazing actress. She is a great example of a smart talented Jewish Israeli who just blew my mind in this movie I don't even know how to explain. To attempt an explanation: it is basically this ballet dancer who obsesses about being perfect to the extent of going crazy. There is a whole lot more to it like the hallucinations she has which are rather vivid and way to realistic. Right now I am still trying to get some of the images out of my head but for some reason I think it's going to take a while. luckily after a movie like this Disney always pays off with something innocent so I can put something less intense into my mind.
lately I have been way to tired and thats probably because I haven't had enough sleep so I think I am going to do that right now. GOOD Night

Till Next time

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tired and ready for utah

Nothing epic occurred today. I was mostly at home. I definitley am ready to be in utah. I actually have pictured what my days would be like if I were back in utah. Wake up fo to the gym for a couple hours, go to classes that I actually enjoy, then spend my spare time in salt lake or even just by that dollar theater. I know its kind of lame but it gives me a reason to keep eating clean and not epicly relapsing by scarfing down the delicious chocolate chip pizza cookie my grandma made for my little brothers birthday. knowing that I will be in utah soon with friends and just in a place where I can start to do things on my own sounds awesome. Anywho gotta do my last workout of the day and from there I really dont know whats going on. So..
Till next time
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

this darn weather!

For those of you who don't watch the news you should know that the weather here in southern California has been pretty terrible. If you ask me the gray dull rain is a whole lot worse than the white fluffy snow in Utah. Just saying atleast there was some sunlight when it snowed. the rain has been ruining my workouts. Not that I am not working out. I do my regular bootcamp style workouts in the morning and at night and then instead of going for a run or walk outside I have been doing stairs and a whole lot of plyometric workouts thanks to P90X I have also added a small fun workout with wii fit. but honestly I kind of miss being outside. It was a rather nice workout walking to gamestop or the spa. hopefully this rain cools down for at least a day.
Considering my lack of a car and the rain I haven't been out to much. luckily I had my brother go with me to get some clothes for mammoth and then we went to grandma for dinner which was rather fun. I got to see my cousins. I really do love telling people about my life at real life. As annoying as it gets with the friends that my mother has it never gets old with family I love. While at grossmont after buying some boots I had to sneak into Barnes and Noble to get the last Diary of a Wimpy kid (I just had to). So now I really have to just finish reading the Percy Jackson book which is also great that is an excellent book but I am really looking forward to Diary of a Wimpy kid. I know I have a thing for kids books but what can I say I am a kid at heart always and forever.

Till next time

Monday, December 20, 2010

Starting up everything in Jan.

A rather unproductive day today but still good. all I did today was go to costco. but it was rather theraputic.
Why am I putting up a blog if I have done pretty much nothing? I finally figured out the perfect plan for how I am going to go to Utah for my two weeks and then to Sonoma for a little bit and then back home and then back to Utah. and I have found so many perfect apartments. I have been doing my research on where I would want to live when I am in Utah and no matter what sugarhouse pops up as the best place for me. Why you ask? well for a few reasons 1. and probably the most important to me is the fact that i will be close to the only synagogue in the salt lake area. 2. is right next to that is the dollar movie theater and for some reason I have a love for that place. 3. is cause it's close to school but not so close I feel like I am living at school. and 4. last but certainly not least is that it is cheap. So I have found a couple places in sugarhouse I just need to go check them out and make sure I am not being tricked into living in some sketchy apt. with a terrible landlord and annoying neighbors or something like that. which brings me to my next point.
I have my two weeks at real life left. My plan and I have to apologize to the people coming back in February for this. I plan on coming back in Jan. of course this isn't official yet considering that RLFH is officially closed till the beginning of January.
Now for going to Nor-Cal (and I am truly hoping that some of my friends up there read this because it would make things a whole lot easier). I need to ask you all a question. Whats going on the last week of Jan? or the first week of Feb.? that is when I am hoping to come up but considering that this is the last semester for most of you I figured you might be to busy for a friend you probably all forgot about already.
Anywho after Nor-Cal I am coming home to celebrate my Bday with the family. I really don't know how I am going to top off last year. going to Lips was an experience I will never forget (if you have to ask what lips is you really don't want to know).
Lastly (hopefully mid February I will officially move to Utah. I am so stocked for that one. Finally my life will have a kick start. FYI inbetween all of this I do plan on taking a trip to St. George for some reason. and before that I promise to read the last Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
I do have plans for tonight though! a trip to the movie theater with my little brother to see TRON LEGACY 3D!!!! I have to get ready for that so...

Till Next Time

Sunday, December 19, 2010

a ruined puzzle to watching a great movie.

Today was just not my day! why? well cause I woke up like always went downstairs turn on the lights and saw that someone had brought back to the table and I thought well thats awesome. As I got my snack out and sat down next to the puzzle I realized there was a huge chunk of the puzzle missing! Usually whent that occurs its usually just a few pieces that are right next to the spot they belong to not a whole chunck of the puzzle and I have no idea where the pieces went. I was really trying to be ok with it. I did everything I even whipped out the Self-esteem companion book but nothing worked. I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what to do after the book didn't help and I did the unthinkable. I took apart the puzzle! now keep in mind I will bring it to Utah with me so I can do the puzzle there and I honestly just couldn't look at it anymore. I know some of you don't really get why this is such a big deal to me but it is and I don't even know why its a big deal to me. For some reason it is and it is still bumming me out. I haven't had to completely destroy a puzzle in a while and I don't like it.
anywho after that I just wasn't motivated to do anything. I did get a workout in and I had a failed attempt at a healthy mole sauce but really did nothing till 1:00. hats when I went to Fashion Valley where there were to many people shopping for to many things. on a good note for the day I may have found something I can wear to the wedding I would show you all but I am still not sure it is gonna happen and plus it would be awesome if it was a surprise for people. of course knowing my mother She probably has already sent the picture of it to everyone. I really hope not!
FYI the one thing slightly cheering me up at the moment is the first CG animated movie length film ever. TOY STORY!!!!!!! Pixar's start to fame. so to quote this amazing film
"This isn't flying. This is falling with style." I love disney Pixar!

Till next time

Saturday, December 18, 2010

working out with people I love and still missing Utah.

Today was rather productive and fun! I woke up and did my usual routine till about 9:00 when I got ready for a nice trip to my brother's apartment. He wanted to workout with me. Fyi he as the most fantastic apt. gym ever. I can spend hours just explaining the treadmills they have set up with a t.v. on each one. and then they have bosu balls, weights, punching bags, and a bunch of machines that just make me happy. I didn't use much of them but that was because I was just thrilled that there was a bosu ball and stability ball that is fit for my new found tinyness. For the real exciting factor of my time at that awesome little gym was the run I had on the tread. I am back to my 1.5 miles in 19 minutes. Considering that for the military 1.5 miles needs to be done in under 11 minutes and 30 seconds I know I got a long way to go but I am back to where I was before all my gallbladder b.s. so I am stocked now I can start getting better than I was before and hopefully get to that 11:30 time. after a fabulous workout with my wonderful older brother I ate my delicious baked turnip fries. Ya thats right I said turnip fries. Highly recommend attempting that it is oh so yummy. I also may have found the perfect apartment in Utah. In sugarhouse which for some reason is where I want to be.
I got this lovely phone call from Jackie! She is who my sister should be if I ever had a little sister. I lover her to death. after a fun phone call we went to lake murray and had a rather entertaining and insightful walk.
Now I am waiting for a christmas dinner my mom is having. Yes the Jewish Israeli mother is having a christmas dinner. It's for everyone who works at her spa and it is really just an excuse to have them over for dinner. luckily I actually enjoy most of there company so I really am looking forward to it.
Alright as great as today was compared to every other day here I am still having Utah withdrawals. How do I know I am having Utah withdrawals?? Well first off OMG by Usher came on the radio this morning and I started doing zumba which FYI Brenna hasn't even had the song in zumba in the longest time so I don't even know how I remembered that dance. Second reasoning is the fact that I have noticed every Honda CR-V and every fit there is in San Diego. FYI there wasn't a fit in sight at all a few months ago and now everyone has one. third reason is that I am trying to figure out ways to make up words like tinyness just for a tiny little giggle. to top it all off I have said "you can do anything in 30 seconds" like 10 times today and "your awesome" about 50 times. this is becoming an awesome yet terrible problem to have. I smile every ten seconds knowing I will be back yet I also know it won't be for at least another few weeks till that happens. and texting Jen one of my all time favorite Utahns is not helping
Tonights dinner is in ten minutes so I am going to get ready before I continue on about Utah so...

Till next time

Friday, December 17, 2010

Running with good pain

Alright today I ran the stairs 20 time and ran around del cerro. It was amazing. It felt great to have that pain in my knees that I havent had in a while. Why did it feel great. Simply the fact that it was that I worked my body so hard that I hurt pain instead of I have gallstones in my gallbladder pain. For the first time in a while it felt so great to hurt. After a great workout I went to roadrunner and got some running shoes. Just in time for a weekend of rain. I also brought out a cd that brenna gave me and had to do some zumba. I know its weird doing zumba on my own at home but it was only for a minute and plus I miss Utah. I needed to bring myself back there just for a moment.
While taking a break from working out I worked on applications and finding Apartments. I found a lot place by the! Each and everyday I get closer to moving to Utah!!

Till next time
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Upgrading my workouts and Orientation

Ok so every morning I still wake up at 4 so I can work out. I know what you all are thinking (WTF). It keeps me going so thats what I am going to do. anyways each day I try to add more to what I do and make it a little more difficult so not only do I get back to where I was before the surgery but I will get even farther than that. Today is an upper body work out day. The big issue I have been having is my push ups and the fact that I haven't been able to use weights. this morning I got to 5 push ups on my toes, 15 knee push ups and I totally snuck into Danny's room and took his weights (sorry Danny). I couldn't use a lot of weight but it still felt great to add the weights. hopefully by the end of the week I will be at a point where I can surpass my strongest point.
After a good workout, reading a new book that Justine gave me (thanks by the way), and cooking up some yumminess I went to pick up Dina Maman who hasn't seen me since the last time I came home so needless to say she was a little stunned.
This afternoon I did the online orientation. I got all my info down, bought all my books and now all I have to worry about is remembering to get online January 3rd to start off the quarter. I am so stocked. I really want to explain what I am feeling about this feeling of excitement to you. It's not even excitement. It's more of the fact that I know that this is the right path. I know I want this for myself.
I hung out with Jon today. We checked out some PCs online then went to see Love and Other Drugs. It was a great movie! I don't want to give anything away but at the end there is this quote that really relates to how I feel about Utah and going to school there. FYI Anne Hathaway is amazing!

Till Next Time

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shopping, hangin out with orit and a movie.

Today was fun. It started out with grossmont center trying to find something for the wedding. That was an epic fail. Instead I got a barnes and nobles membership so worth. I also got a couple books. After that I went to the spa to sell a necklace to justine. I realized I needed to refresh my math when I couldn't remember how to calculate the tax.
I also went to orit's today. I met ellie her babt girl who is cute. We talked for nearly three hours. After that I saw narnia with be bekka. Worth seeing in 3D fyi.
Don't really have much to say about today. I have a lot of phone calls to make tomorrow so if I dont write about them warn me so I do call people.

Till next time
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

workout goals.

Alright a few cool things about today:
First is all my bandages and all the tape is officially off. now all that is on my tummy is a few scars from a fun surgery. Second is I ran stairs today! ten times to be exact which means my stamina is really getting back. Third and final thing is that I might go up north earlier than expected and get my car earlier than expected. I will explain what that means later on in life when I really know whats going on.
Now for the actual day. I just went shopping today. I went to Sears, Target and then Trader Joe's with the madre. and Let me tell you unless it's for some video games, books or food I really hate shopping. I actually got a lot of great stuff but I can't survive more than twenty minutes shopping. it drives me nuts. Sadly I still have to find something for the wedding so I still need to go shopping again at a point. In between stores we at at Bj's. I love Bj's and I think I did pretty well food wise. the big shocker for the day is that I bumped into Orit. long time no see by they way. it was two seconds of awkwardness considering everything but it was oddly fun considering the texts afterwards.
let's talk workouts shall we. everything has been going great. I have been getting my run back on and even am able to do planks for more than a minute. but there is just one issue one epic thing that is just killing me inside. My push-ups are taking a little slower to recover. I can barely do one push-up. I know it will get there I do but I was at a good 25-30 push-ups on my toes and now I am at 10 on my knees and 1 on my toes. luckily everytime I wanna give up Jen's voice is in my mind. I would say tomorrow I will get to two push-ups but it's a core day so it will have to wait a couple days. so my goal for tomorrow is a two minute plank, a 30 second side plank considering that I haven't been able to do that, and a 5 mile walk. that may not be a lot to most from real life anymore but at this point that will be an excellent accomplishment.

Till Next Time

Saturday, December 11, 2010

decisions made.

I honestly wasn't going to do a blog today but I figured there are a few things I have to tell you.
First of how my day started was fantastical! I started running again! It's slow pace and I can only do a couple blocks at a time but I did an hour long walk/run today and it just felt amazing to feel the wind blowing just cause I was going a little faster than usual. After that I went to OPH to visit Bekka at work which is nothing special really. the next special moment of the morning is when I got home. I weighed myself when I got back. I am now 148.4 lbs which means that I have hit over 90 lbs of weightloss! 90.3 lbs gone, hopefully never to be seen again. That is my excitement for the day.
Now for what the title of this blog is about... well first decision I should tell you the answer to is whether or not I am going to do this internship. honestly I kind of knew the answer and thanks to some great people in Utah giving me advice it just made it more obvious. I am not going to do it. reasoning to it is rather simple. I don't have the 20 weeks to give this guy and I don't want to pretend like I am going to give him 100% when I want to take the time to visit friends go back to Utah for a couple weeks and then actually go to school after that.
Second decision was which certification I wanted to go for. right now after everyone was pretty much said the same thing, NASM is my top pick. ACE is a very close second. I still have sometime before I actually go for my certification so I am not going to say I am 100% doing NASM.
I also need to tell you all about my plans for the next few months. I think you all are going to want to know this. December really is a birthday, a wedding, and a trip to Mammoth. I am going to learn how to snow board, I am coming prepared for Utah snow so when I go snowboarding with friends there will only be a slight laughter to my skills. I am coming back January 1st enough time to get ready for school! I start online classes on the third. The ninth is my grandfathers unveiling so I will be with the family the 21st is the 1 year anniversary of his death so I figured I want to be here for both of those. but right after that I want to go back to real life. i do have time left with them and I am truly missing everyone so I have a phone call to make. after those two weeks I am going to Nor-Cal! I also miss my RO-PO peeps so sometime between coming back from Utah and going back to Utah I will be in Nor-Cal for a few days after that it is straight to Utah for good! I can't wait for that day. this is going to be a crazy yet productive few months and year.
I still say I think way to much considering that all of this popped into my head in a little 30 minute drive from OPH.

Till Next Time

Thursday, December 9, 2010

decision making time!

So I really wanted to write a blog today even though there is really almost nothing to say about today, but there is a reason for it. I went to the doctor for a post-op check up. I really believe it was just an excuse for the idiot doctor to attempt to speak hebrew to my mother.
now for the reason I want to write this blog.. I need your help once again. everyone gave great advice about what certification to choose so I figured I would use you all once again to help me out. So remember a couple of blogs ago I talked about an internship? well if not I got an internship at this gym that is opening up the beginning of January. here is he dilemma. the guy that owns the place, Garen wants me to gaurantee 20 weeks with him. 1. I have to be in Utah by April 1st because thats when the second quarter of school starts and that is only 12 weeks away from when Garen is opening up his gym. 2. I really need to do an epic road trip that will take me atleast a week. first I have to go to Utah to get my car. I don't really need it now but I do need to move all my stuff to Utah. after that I have to go to Northern California, Rohnert Park. I miss a few of my friends up there so I have to go up there for atleast a weekend. for the third thing and I really do want to do this before I start my second quarter or even during. I still have some real life time to do that I didn't get to finish. Fourth and final thing and to me the most important thing is I need to have my Disneyland days, those days when Bekka and I have nothing to do so we decide to drive up to Disneyland and spend all day till closing at the Happiest place on earth.
Now for the reasons I should do the internship... For one thing, I get an hour of a great workout led by a great trainer. Second is the fact that it will be a great kick start to my journey. the third thing is the fact that if I decide to come back to San Diego after school this could be a door wide open for me. fourth and final is the fact that it will look really good on my resume.
I know what I want to do but I don't know which one is right. so confizzled! Life would be a whole lot easier if I just married a rich jewish man and had no care in the world. Unfortunetely g-d created one crazy girl who really would never ever want to be that kind of person.

Till Next Time

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

most of my mom's friends and then Gila

Nothing really epically special occurred today. I worked out, went to costco spend the day with my mother (fyi I really need some friends to hang out with), went to CPK with her and marshalls and went to Starbucks with her and met up with Gila.
Let me tell you about Gila, a New Yorken Jew who now lives in La Jolla. She is my moms friend which is a shocker to me cause I actually Kind of think she's cool. she is definitely a lot more chill than most of my mom's friends and isn't as superficial. She also knows how to think before speaking and how to get to know someone without worrying about there appearance so she definitely is a few steps ahead of most of my mom's friends.
Before I continue on and tell you what we talked about let me tell you about everyone else. coming home hasn't exactly been my favorite thing. honestly I enjoy Utah way to much to enjoy being here. What has made it kind of worse is some of the reactions that I get from people. Don't get me wrong it's flattering and awesome to see the shock especially when it's from people I actually care about. The issue is the questions and remarks that I get. to give you an example: someone came up and asked "don't you look back and just hate yourself for being that." ya I kid you not someone asked me this. now to answer the question honestly, HELL NO you idiot. I was one happy fat kid and I don't regret where I was back then. also here is what you need to know I am not changing me. for those of you who think I am get a clue and there is a reason why I tell my mom no thank you when she asks me to come to dinner at your house. now here is what you need yes I am wearing a new bracelet now no it is not because I can now. news flash fat people can wear jewelery. I am just more open now and plus the symbolism on the stuff is actually really cool. to top that off I still don't like the gross I wanna be 20 again but never will kind of clothes no offense to any of you but that will never change.
Now back to Gila. At Starbucks today I got a great reaction from her. the typical mouth dropping OMG look and then a huge smile and laugh. That is all I truly need. Of course I tend to talk to Gila like a normal human being since she does have a brain and plus she is one of the only people I can walk and talk with for hours that lives in La Jolla. So the first we get talking about is how I haven't really changed. THANK G-D!!! thats all I needed to hear. I never wanted to change. Ya I like feeling healthy it is something I am still getting used to but it's nice. I just never wanted to change myself. I have added more to who I am, I have become more open but I am still me. Thanks Gila for the great talk!
Fyi random but sad note. I might have to extend my SD stay till the beginning of April! which is making this all the more better. hopefully I get to spend time with Gila more she might make the others a little easier to deal with.
Hookah tonight with Bekka then sleep!

Till Next Time

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the good the bad and just the down right WTF?

Today was filled with good news, bad news and just al around confusion. let me explain...
I first went to my mom's spa. I was there for a few hours. I helped fold towels, chatted with people and ate at D.Z. Akins. nothing like a good sandwich from DZ. anyways on my way to the spa I got this insane text telling me that Jen didn't work at real life anymore. WTF MATES!!!! alright I know I should be all come and cool and try to understand especially since they have grown a reputation in getting rid of there best people so why should it be such a shocker. but it is honestly not the fact that it's a shock thats getting to me. the more I think about the more I question how anyone will do with out Jen. I mean honestly who hasn't gotten atleast one lecture from Jen that hasn't motivated them to keep it up at real life. so then I think about how am I going to do when I go back. I know I am only there for two weeks and that I still have Kimber and Shanna and honestly they are equally as awesome as Jen. but there won't be mama Jen there rooting me on. I mean lets be honest even though most of my accomplishments were done by me and me alone I wouldn't have done them if Jen wasn't there. I have been waiting to right this blog to let everything out and burst into crazyness like I usually do when I am in a bummed out mood or get bad news but for some reason I can't. all I can think about is now I am going to have to do it with out her there and that is just going to make me stronger. however I don't know if anyone else can survive. especially Kimber. this is Just so confusing and heart breaking and it really should not be this weird. I guess I am just Sad that Jen's gone. I kind of want to go back to Utah now to figure out whats going on in my mind and to see if Jen's doing alright.
alright enough with the bummer of the day. for the good part of the day. I talked to Garen today. who is Garen you are wondering. well he is a trainer who is opening up a gum close by. I got an internship with him! ya thats right. the first few months of 2011 I got an internship! after that I have to move to Utah. I am stocked it will basically be a few hours a day learning how to train others. He did talk about certifications and which one I should choose and he had a point I do need to start thinking about which one I want. I really have no idea which one to choose so if anyone has any advice I could use some right about now. I am looking all of them up so hit me with anything you got.
For the truly confusing part of my day well some of it included the fact that I don't know how to react to Jen being gone and the other part is stuff I can't really talk about on my blog. so oh so sorry about that.
considering there is still a couple hours to the day I will tell you this I know I am going to try to work out a little bit tonight. since tonight is supposed to be a core day I really do have to be careful. so it will be one light work out. the pain is slowly going away so hopefully the doctor this week will tell me I can up my workouts if not then I guess I will stick to the diet. luckily I made a yummy home made protein bar today. so excited to have some of it tomorrow.

Till Next Time

Monday, December 6, 2010

protein bar, skype and a beautiful baby girl

So much on my mind today. One is I went on a very nice walk. About half way through I felt like passing out. On a good note it was way longer than yesterdays walk and this morning I added a few squats. Just a few don't worry I didn't over do
Ever since the surgery my relationship with food has taken a turn for the worse. I haven't cheated or anything. A small addiction issue today. I couldn't figure out what I wanted for lunch and had a small little anxiety attack about it. Nothing to epic I got myself out of it pretty quickly. I made a home made protein bar for tomorrow to keep me from freaking out. cooking really comes me down some how. now the most important part of my day was meeting the new shachar. the cutest baby girl ever. she is in the nicu. not anything epic thankgoodness. she just need to be in there for a few days do to a small virus. have you ever been in the nicu. it really gets you thinking. you see these amazing gifts these joys that will possibly be taken away from there families it is so not cool. then again now a days due to modern medicine babies come out healthy in no time. anyways I truly hope that all goes well in that room for all the families in that room. I am about to go to hopefully the last channukah dinner. it is with the grandma so it will be fantastic.
fyi while all of this was going on I was texting my new awesome friend sara. another sara from florida who I know due to real life fantastic!! oh and I got skype now so if you got skype let me know I will try to find you or you can find me.
today was great I am in a fantastic mood and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Till next time

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Two days after surgery and I am about to go crazy. The only workout I can do without passing out is a walk to windmill farms. I really don't like it. I really need to figure out how to do more. To top it off holidays arw never good for sticking to the plan. Its not that I Have cheated or plan on cheating but I am starting to get sick of being put into situations Where I have to make a choice. Tonight is another channukah dinner. This time its with the del cerro crew. A fun bunch that I grew up with but it is cut short due to kids in school.
I really enjoy being around them but not working out that much really does make a huge difference on my mood. I am hoping tomorrow I will add on a longer walk or something cause I don't know if I can last long without a good workout.
Tonight after dinnet I am going to the living room with bekka.Hopefully that will take the edge off. For now I got to put on a happy face even though the pain meds are wearing out, I am having workout withdrawels and utah withdrawels, and I really am just ready to get out of here. Thank goodness its the del cerro crew I don't think I would be able to survive this dinner if it was anyone else. Desserts coming out so I got to go watch people eat.

Till next time
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The day after.

A great successful surgery led me to get home this morning at around 11:00 which was great. The doc came in said everything was great got me a prescription which I haven't even taken yet. The pain goes away with a little tylenol. I was told I can walk around but no actual working out allowed for the next couple weeks :(. I guess I should listen to thw doctor but I don't know, it's just so tempting to whip out my pull up bar right now. Just kidding! To be honest it hurts to even laugh so I think I will listen to the doc.
Right now I am at k1 speedway (go cart racing). No I am not racing just celebrating monte and josh's birthday. I promise I am taking it easy. I got camera duty. Plus we are leaving soon. Going to benihana then home to sleep.
By the way I love all the support I am getting. It makes the healing process that much better so thank you.

Till next time
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today was nothing special really. The actually today nearly sucked. After lunch I dont know what happened if I am mervous for tomorrow or what but my tummy took a turn for the worst. Still feeling a little queezy but a whole lot better.
What made my day not so bad was a phone call with a possible real life newbie coming in jan. First off she is a fellow jew so another jew in utah!!!! Second off she Seems nice. She has got that whole I am scared to death thing going on but who doesn't before they come to the program. Third thing is this I kind of want to know how things go with her at real life so let me know. She seems pretty determined to get to her goal so I truly hope she does.
Tonight is another channukah dinner this time at the shachars. It was a last minute thing so I didn't really get to prepare. Luckily i ate dinner already and am stuffed so I really wont want to eat.
Tomorrow is the big day by the way. Having surgery tomorrow. It is jusr my gallbladder but I have waited oh so long I feel like its a heart transplant or something serious. I know I'm lame for that but its just whats in my head. I will keep you posted.

Till next time
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Before I get to this festive holiday let me tell you about my day. First thing I got to tell you is about my workout. I wake up everymorning now and do a mini bootcamp and then atleast a couple miles walking during the day and a pt at night. Today is a core day. I found one of Michele's workouts. The one thats on the floor the entire time doing crunches v-ups and planks like three different ways each. Ya it's by far one of Michele's More intense workouts. So simple yet so brutal! I loved it now keep in mind that working out has been a little difficult for me these days so I could only do like thirty minutes of it but it was great! after this fantastic workout I went to the hospital for pre-op. I basically answered a bunch of questions, peed in a cup and got x-rayed. Went to sears to kill some time and bought a great shirt. After that this is the shocker of the day... I got my hair done. I straightened my hair. I am not talking with just a flattening iron I am talking brazilian blowout. Which means three months off straight hair! I hope I get to go to utah before it fizzes out. That was pretty much my day.
Now for channukah. Tonight is the first night of channukah. It is a wonderful exciting holiday that celebrates the miracle of the maccabees. Who are the maccabees? History lesson of the day... The first temple was taking over and pretty much destoyed. For a while it was run by the greeks who brought statues into the temple to force israelites to pray to them. Some israelites hid in the mountains and created a militia named the maccabees. They defeated the greeks by using their knowledge of the land. When they came back everything was destroyed. The menorah was still intact but there was obly enough oil for one day and it takes 8 to produce more oil. They lit the menorah anyways and the miracle is that it lasted 8 days. Noe of course we celebrate the victory of the maccabees and the rebuilding of the temple but we use the miracle of the menorah to symbolize that by lighting a menorah or channukia for eight days. Tonight is the first night! A night of dinner eith my moms israeli friends and their kids which means we get to give them gifts (by the way that is a total americanized thing)! We also get to play dreidel, eat gelt and just enjoy life. This is one of the only holidays we are actually just purely happy. tonight we are having a pretty big dinner. It's not that big in my mothers eyes but sixteen people is plenty for me. That also means that we are having a huge meal including Latkes (fried potatoe pancakes), and sufganiot (stuffed donuts). Don't worry though I am staying clean I prepared today with low-cal meals just incase I start to break so I am prepared. no donuts for me. luckily they are not as good as the real thing so I can resist. I have to go light the candles so..

Till next time