Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weirdness I can't explain

Today was weird and sad. To start of I did the usual. Fyi for breakfast I tried the pumpkin spice shake. It was oh so yummy. The usual on a tuesday consist of zumba and I was surprised to see brenna come in. I was oh so happy to see her. Honestly your amazing brenna! After zumba I went to greg's class with Jen and then went for a walk with rachelle to starbucks. No I didn't get anything. It was funny to bumb into Adam and Sean on the way back.
I can try to explain what occurred at lunch but I really don't know how to without sounding crazy. Lets just say I have been feeling a little extra sensitive. I blame shanna and jen even though its their fault. I couldn't really work out after that so I just did a little school stuff until dinner. I also tried to sneak into shanna's office a few times but it kind of failed until after dinner but I was only in there for a few minutes. She kicked me out so I would workout. I did some cardio and kickboxing with melissa. Fyi her treehouse classes are a little harder than the real life classes. Now I am going to bed but before I do I have to tell you all that kimber is going to be back in less than two days!!! She has been gone way to long.

Till next time
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