Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weigh in, puzzles and people leaving

got to start with the weight loss of the week. I lost 1.7 pounds today. Thats lower than normal but considering that I have been sleepless and in pain this week I will take it. After a low weightloss I figured I'd do tabata. Tabata was epic. Forty minutes of high energy strength training. I am still feeling it. Got to do that more often. I have to go back to morning to tell you that I have finished the globe puzzle. I realized that it's a flawed puzzle which is probably Why who ever was working on it couldn't really finish it because of that reason. I started another puzzle wich will be fun it's a sea turtle. Going to dinner and a movie tonight which will be nice. Hanging out with everyone I realized that it is not the same without lili she left today and I didn't get to say bye. A little bummed about that. I am going to get ready for a fun night.

Till next time
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