Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is thanksgiving day. The history of thanksgiving is kind of lame but whats important is what thanksgiving has become. Right now I am sitting with my family after a day with my mom. Keep in mind that today was the most painful day physically. I honestly can barely stand straight but it has been a great day. At dinner right now I am at my grandma's house celebrating my first thanksgiving without my grandpa. It hasn't changed that much just less singing and a little less laughing but we are all still happy. Food wise I think I passed. I cut my calories properly and had turkey a bite of corn, mashed potatoes, sweet potato and pumpkin cake and a few pieces of melon. Just one bite of each. I gave my self a good b+. On thanksgiving day thats awesome. I still kind of wish I was with my real lifers but right now I can't complain about life.
I have told you that I will tell you what I am greatful for. First thing is my family thats obvious, the second is real life because I am now a size 11 (fyi I went shopping today). Mostly I am thankful for some great people I have met this summer. Without them I wouldn't have made the changes I have made. I wouldn't be as happy and open as I am now, I wouldn't be able to run a mile and I wouldn't want to buy a trx band or food scale and now I do (fyi chanukah list with some great running shoes). I still need two more things I am thankful for. I am thankful for being home. I know I planned on being in utah at this time but being home has ended up being good. Happy thanksgiving to all!!!

Till next time
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