Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still not doing to good

# of the week is 2.2 lbs! Being crippled all week that was a much needed weightloss. It is proof that diet is at least 80% of loosing weight and staying fit. Today sick wise is definitely worse. Funny thing is I woke up feeling fine but after a half hour or so it came back with a vengence. Along with the sharp shooting pain I have been feeling dizzy all day. To top that off I feel like throwing up everytime I eat yet I am always hungry for some odd reason.
It still was a good day. I hung out with kimber at gateway and I got a nice ego boost at buckle. Trying on jeans that are to big is awesome.
I got a lovely phone call from the ICNIC (my mommy) who is awesome but she asked me if I wanted to come home. Honestly thats the one thing about not feeling well that really scares me. I don't want to give up quite yet. I still got somw fight in me and the day I lose the fight is the day I will go home with a little bit of shame. Not that going home early will be to bad. Chanukah with the family would be awesome. I just know that I wouldn't be ok with myself if I left early.
Now I am at a japanese steakhouse trying to stay clean. I think I chose wisely. After dinner I am going to see the new harry potter. I hope its good. After I plan on resting for the rest of the weekend. Got to eat so..
Till next time
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