Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Educational blog for everyone...did you know that you JuJ really need 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep. Reasoning to that is REM. There are four stages of sleep. Stage one is that time when just about anything wakes you up and you are usually aware of your surroundings. Stage two and three really not that important for this blog but you can find all this info online. Stage four is probably the most important stage for is your deepest sleep it is where people sleep walk or have night terrors and all that good stuff if you have those issues. It is that sleep where nothing will wake you up. At the end of stage for you have REM sleep. Also known as dreams. Dreaming is very important. It prepares the brain for waking up. Now you go through all these stages in about 90 minutes. Obviously a full night sleep isn't 90 minutes. After stage four your body and mind take a few seconds to readjust. Usually this is when people wake up if they got to go to the bathroom or something.
Why am I giving you all this info on sleep? I have been having this issue of not sleeping. I fall asleep and wake up after a cycle of stages in a sweat due to realistic nightmares that should not be in my head. Now this makes getting back to sleep all to difficult. Which also makes getting 7.5 hours of sleep difficult. So now I have gone weeks without proper sleep and your mind plays tricks on you with a lack of sleep. Not sleeping is almost like a sugar rush. You have almost like a hyper active high for a little bit at times and then an epic crash. Usually that crash is just exhaution, but if you don't sleep long enough your mind adds more little tricks on you. Your emotions change with every high and.every crash. Soon your high becomes delusion and your crash becomes anger and eventually you just end up down right deppressed for no reason other than the fact that you can't sleep which gets you depressed about every little thing in life.
Why have I just told you all of this? This morning I got to treehouse did my thirty minute warm up and crashed on the couch wanting a nap when Jen came over and said hey. All I could think was well something I won't write on this blog because I love Jen to much to put it up. After that the day was good I just was pissed and sad the entire day. I was crying in bootcamp spin I got a second wind so I was delusional survival I was depressed and during the third class I just was done. I did do intervals but I wad pissed so I put my headphones in my ears and ran. After intervals and mushy pasta I just tried to sleep till three but everytime I would get close to stage two I would wake up. Instead of trying for another two hours I went to the grocery store for some education and realized I have done that way to much. It was fun and it was good to do something outside of the gym even though it's just across the steet. Fyi another symptom of sleep deprevation is rambling and I think I am doing that right now so my apologize.

Till next time
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