Friday, November 19, 2010

Pain and shopping

So still in pain. I went to get the ultrasound done and now I have to wait for the results. I honestly dont know how long I can last. I am trying to be positive but I really cant take this pain. Its not even the pain thats unbarable its the fact that I cant breath when I workout even if its a light walk on the tread or the fact that everytime I eat I have to force the food to stay down. I am hoping it gets better with a little extra sleep tomorrow morning.
Today has been pretty sucky. But I did get to go to the mall with everyone.
I am trying to find gifts for the family for the holidays. If you have any requests please ask. I am a little lost at tgis point. It was good for me to go. It got a little scary for a split second but a snack and some time in barnes and nobles actually helped.
Fyi kimber cracks me up. It cheered me up being in her office.
I am going to sleep tonight so..
Till next time
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